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    A Few Announcements! Empty A Few Announcements!

    Post by Roxanne on Wed Oct 22, 2008 10:32 am

    Arctic Wolf completed the posting ranks yesterday and shortly a feedback/suggestions thread will be created so that we can hear what you think about them and whether or not you have any ideas!

    The ranks are currently:-

    Rank | Posts Need To Get The Rank

    Page | 0
    Pupil | 25
    Trainee | 50
    Apprentice | 100
    Skillsman | 250
    Journeyman | 500
    Adventurer | 750
    Freelancer | 1000
    Hero | 1500
    Guardian | 2000
    Savior | 2500
    Silver Knight | 3500
    General | 5000
    Lord | 7500
    Blue Blood | 10000
    Prince/Princess | 15000
    King/Queen | 25000
    Lore | 32500
    Legend | 50000

    The General Discussion forum has been created and I hope it encourages some discussion but I'd like to warn members if the General Discussion forum has too much activity while the rest of the forum sees little to no activity we may consider closing the forum for a few days until the activity becomes more widespread throughout Literary Lounge.

    I've 3 of 5 votes for the points system but I would like to see posts and not just votes. If you post suggestions for the points system I get more of an idea of what you want out of this and not just what I personally think would be good.

    Also, you may not have been notified, but you'll all be on privacy mode. This was due to a map showing up when clicking on "Who's Online?" at the bottom of the forum. The map has been taken down and if you wish to change your settings from privacy you may! ^ ^

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