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    Graphics Request Thread

    Post by Roxanne on Thu Oct 23, 2008 10:55 am

    Okay, so not everyone is going to be able to make a banner or an avatar for themselves or sometimes you prefer having someone else make you a banner or an avatar. For those of you who need/want one you can post your requests here and hopefully someone who can make one will make it for you.

    Your request should be in this format:

    [b]Type:[/b] (avatar or banner)
    [b]Text:[/b] (what do you want written on it?)
    [b]Colors:[/b] (what color would you like it to be?)
    [b]Images:[/b] (are there any images you want to be used, if so, please link to them)
    [b]Size:[/b] (how big do you want your graphic?)

    • If your request hasn't been done within a week only then can you re-post it and only if other members have posted since you posted your request. We have lives you know. Wink
    • Don't expect the member who's making your graphic to make it exactly how you imagined it.
    • Please give credit to who made your request, they put their effort into it and deserve credit.

    Banners: 500 x 200 pixels (width x height)
    Avatars: 150 x 150 pixels (width x height)

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