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    Post by Christina on Thu Oct 23, 2008 8:43 pm

    Please feel free to pm me if you wish to be a non-human (werewolf or vampire) and are unsure how to start. Also, if you wish to be a slayer, she must be a female. However, you can have humans who are not supernaturally strong that fight demons and vampires (As Wesley from Angel would say: “A Rogue Demon Hunter”). Humans who learn of the supernatural world can choose to ignore it or become involved, either by helping a slayer or witch or being a rogue demon hunter.

    Please post your characters in this format:


    [b]Appearance (Picture Only):[/b]
    [b]Description (Words Only):[/b]
    [b]Species (Human, Witch):[/b]
    [b]Power (Applies to Witches only):[/b]

    When the world first began, it was inhabited by the “Old Ones”, pure demons who lived for chaos. However, they soon killed each other off, or mixed with humans to create half breeds, what we know as vampires, werewolves and demons that now walk the earth. Demons are pure evil and monstrous. They can often shape-shift or through fireballs/energy balls and can teleport by means of shimmering, flaming, or just teleporting. Demons live forever and they can be killed in many ways that vary based on the demon. There are also half-demons, those that bred with a human and the result is a human who looks demonic. The most common form of slaying these beasts is decapitation.

    Witches are generally good although they can be corrupted by their power. A witch is born with a supernatural “gift” and therefore is different from a mere mortal. Examples of these can be telepathy, glamoring, telekinesis, even manipulation of time. A witch is considered to be a protector of the innocent and uses his or her power to help those normal humans who have been attacked, whether naturally or supernaturally. A witch is mortal and will live out his or her life and then perish.

    Humans have an average lifespan of 80-100 years. They have nothing special attributed to them and are just normal people who live their everyday lives without magic. Usually humans are used as props, either by being bitten later on in life or another form of infection to become a vampire or werewolf. Every character will start out as a human or witch.

    As most vampire lore suggests, these are creatures of the night, destined to live forever as such. In this roleplay, the vampire lore will be based mostly on Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Twilight makes the vampires much too invincible). Vampires can be created, or sired, one way, by another vampire drinking the blood of a mortal human and then letting the human drink some of its blood. The human then begins a transformation and that night will rise as a vampire. Vampires are imbued with super-strength but they do have some weaknesses. When exposed to direct sunlight, a Vampire will burst into flame and will die shortly thereafter. Vampires can also be killed with a wooden stake driven directly into the heart. Beyond this, vampires are immune to almost any other weapon, and the only other way they can be killed is through decapitation, a much less savory choice of slaying. Vampires can be warded off with crosses and a fair dose of holy water. Most vampires are pure evil, due to the lack of a conscience they can kill without remorse. However, there are cases in which a vampire can be “good” and not kill, though these cases are rare. For the most part, a vampire will not choose to be good but can be forced by giving the vampire back its soul. The spell of soul restoration can only be performed by a skilled witch and is very difficult to do on a conscious, adult vampire. However, the spell will give the creature morality and makes it almost impossible for them to kill a human without feeling enormous amounts of remorse. Vampires are immortal and live forever unless they are slain.

    Werewolves usually live around 250 years. Similar to vampires, werewolves do not choose to be werewolves but are created. When a werewolf bites or scratches a human but the human remains alive, then the human will become a Werewolf. However, unlike vampires, werewolves are neither good nor evil by nature, and are only dangerous during three days of the month (the day before, the day of and the day after the full moon). The rest of the month a werewolf lives as a human and can do everything a human can, but with a heightened sense of smell and sight. Werewolves are not immortal but are incredibly strong in their werewolf form and usually can only be killed by a silver bullet.

    “Into every generation a slayer is born. She alone will face the vampires, demons and forces of darkness.” The tale of the first slayer says that man was plagued by demons and decided to imbue a woman with the power of a demon, creating the first slayer. However, knowing that slayers would live an unnaturally short life, they used magics to ensure that whenever a slayer died a new one was called. As life went on, slayers came and went rather quickly in the world; a slayer will rarely reach her 25th Birthday. Slayers are supernaturally strong and are destined to fight “alone” and save the world from the apocalypse. A slayer often will give her own life to save another. Slayers are very difficult to kill and the most reputable slayers are often powered by their emotions. Beyond this, a slayer is mortal and will live until her untimely demise.
    -Glamour: To turn into another person or animal; to shape-shift.
    -Manipulation of Time: Can speed up (causing explosion) or slow down (stop time) molecules. Can not use this power to go back or forwards in time, only to explode objects or stop time.
    -Telekinesis: To move objects with one’s mind. This power can later progress so that astral projection is attained (moving one’s essence to another place and out of one’s body).
    -Foresight: The ability to see into the future or past. This can later progress so that empathy is attained (Being able to read the emotions of others).
    -Telepathy: The ability to read another’s mind. This can be hard to control and often volatile. This may result in insanity if the holder of the power is not strong enough to differentiate one voice from the thousands he or she may hear.

    If you have further questions, feel free to PM me Very Happy

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    Post by Christina on Fri Oct 24, 2008 1:27 pm

    Name: Stella Green
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Character Lists D74845
    Description: Stella has platinum blonde hair that curls lightly and flows down to her mid-back. She usually wears it down unless fighting, when she throws it into a messy bun or ponytail. Stella has blue eyes that attract light easily and are the first thing someone sees. She doesn't often smile, but when she does, her face lights up and her eyes glitter. Stella usually wears a spaghetti strap top, leather jack, and jeans with stiletto boots. However, since she often gets scraped up while fighting, Stella usually has holes on the knees of her jeans. She also always carries a stake made of oak.
    Personality: Stella is usually serious and often hangs out by herself in the library. She is bookish and prefers reading to socializing, and is usually very distant. Stella rarely smiles, only giving away a rare treat when she is truly happy. She tends to keep to herself which makes her breakdowns even worse than that of someone else.
    Species: Vampire Slayer (yes, I know, I get an unfair advantage at being a slayer, but Razz)
    Biography: Stella was born to a drunken mother who never loved her and an absentee father whom she has never met. When she was fourteen, her mother went to the store and never came back. Stella never reported her missing, saying she didn't miss the woman and that she was better off taking care of herself than in a foster home. Stella has always been independent and self-sufficient, getting a job at thirteen and taking care of taxes. She never had a real childhood and always remembered riding the bus to a bar to get her mother instead of hanging out with friends or participating in other child activities. Since she was never immature, Stella acts very mature for her age and does not understand her classmates, especially when they talk about their favorite Christmas present or their pet dog. However, Stella has never wanted nor needed pity and when she found out she was a slayer, she was relieved to have a title; relieved to be someone. She has honed her skills and it quite talented at slaying as well as combat.
    Power: While Stella has no magical abilities, she wields a stake quite well and is very good at gymnastics. She also knows kickboxing, has a black belt, and is very stealthy

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    Post by Roxanne on Sun Nov 09, 2008 8:01 am

    Name: Luna
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Character Lists 872594
    Description: Luna has long wavy red hair that is never tied up. It just about reaches her waist. She has soft pale skin, big sparkling red eyes, a small mouth, and a small button nose. Luna is slim and slender but strong. She usually wears a red hoodie with a black top underneath, full-length cargo pants and red trainers.
    Species: Witch
    Personality: Luna loves running, swimming and being outside. She also loves to walk around at night because it’s usually far more silent. Luna loves non-fiction book and a handful of adventure books. Luna is very kind and laid back. A common cause for her to get angry is if she is snuck up on, startled or disturbed. She also gets angry when her friends are brought into her problems or hurt. Luna can be very stubborn. Birds are Luna's favourite animal to shapeshift into.
    Biography: Luna grew up in an orphanage. She never knew her parents and the couple that decided to adopt her seemed to know something she didn't. When Luna was 11 she discovered that she could shapeshift (or glamour). At first she was scared of shapeshifting and often did so without meaning to. When Luna was 14 her adoptive parents who knew about her power told her about it. Luna explained she had already figured it out, and demonstrated by shapeshifting into the post woman Luna often talked to, but stated she had no intention of using her powers. Her adoptive parents told her that one day she would have to and that day came sooner than they thought. A few days after talking with her adoptive parents a demon attacked and Luna escaped by shapeshifting into an owl and flying away. Luna now lives where ever she wants using her powers to help her find decent places to sleep.
    Power: Glamour

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    Post by Estrella on Tue Nov 18, 2008 3:05 pm

    Name: Storm Vivienne
    Age: 15
    Appearance (Picture Only):Character Lists Baf518
    Description (Words Only): Storm is a fit teenager, about average height. Storm has short black hair, that is usually hidden by a black baseball cap that she wears all the time (she’s had it since she was three). She normally wears clothes that are generally meant for boys, because she grew up wearing mostly boy clothes because of all the hand-me-downs she received from her three older brothers. This is fine with her because one, she loves her brothers to death, and they love her in the same way, and two, she finds boy clothes more comfortable than other clothing.
    Species: Human
    Personality: Storm is a shy girl, who is an outcast or a loner in her school because of the way she dresses, and because of how shy she is, and how she won’t talk to anyone. At home she is more at ease though, because she feels very comfortable around her brothers who treat her like an angel.
    Biography: Storm grew up with her family of five (not including herself). She lived in a small house at first, out in the countryside, but then she and her family moved into a large house in the city, where they are living currently. She is always playing sports, baseball is one of her favorites, and she plays it with her brothers often.

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    Post by Subaru7 on Tue Dec 16, 2008 2:43 pm

    Name: Sai Leonstrahl
    Age: 19
    Appearance (Picture Only):Character Lists KaiTalon
    Description (Words Only):He wears nothing but white and red, as those are the colours of holy blood. He hits about 5'9 standing, has green eyes and grey hair, as in picture.
    Species: Human
    Personality: Silent. Sai does not like human interaction, nor has he ever sought it. He does know common courtesy, however, and isn't the sort of person that comes off as rude(you know, if he ever speaks to you). He has only spoken to trued friends and allies.
    Biography: Nobody really knows and he likes to keep it secret. People only know that he doesn't have parents. They also know that he became a vampire hunter at 17, after his parents had died.
    (Adding an "Other" section, OK?)Other: Carries a sword and twin pistols.
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    Post by Burning Rose on Fri Dec 26, 2008 1:33 pm

    Name: Daniella Stevenson
    Age: ??? (appears 17-18, though)
    Appearance (Picture Only):
    Character Lists 240d84
    Description (Words Only): SHe has long blonde hair, that goes to her mid-back. Her eyes are a hazel yellow, that seem to bore into you. About 4 foot 9 in. She wears purple long sleeved shirts most of the time, with a short maroon colored skirt. She always wears her pair of brown, knee high boots.
    Species: Healer(Whitelighter), Though she doesn't have a particular charge.
    Personality: Cheerful and happy most of the time, though, she can become discouraged quite easily. When that happens she's very sarcastic and mean.
    Biography: Daniella has lived for along time. She's put all memory of her past when she was a human, behind her and refuses to bring it up.
    She doesn't have a paticular charge, but instead heals and guides everyone who needs it.
    She also, doesn't listen to the Elders, who are supposed to assign charges to her. She's a freelanced whitelighter.
    Power: N/A
    Other: Daniella just wants to experiance love. When she was human, she had a bad experience with a guy. So, Daniella doesn't trust guys alot. But she want's to experience true love. So she left the Elders, who forbade her from ever falling in love.

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