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    Points System And More! Empty Points System And More!

    Post by Roxanne on Fri Oct 24, 2008 9:31 am

    The points system has been created however I would still like to hear some feedback from you all in the Feedback Thread.

    [How do I get points?]

    Admins will give you points for the following:-
    • Winning/Participating in Literary Lounges contests, awards and events. The number of points recieved will be stated in the thread for the contest, awards or event.
    • Inviting a new member to Literary Lounge ( Don't forget to ask the new member to mention that you invited them or we can't give you the points. Wink ).
    • If you request something in the RFS forum and it is accepted by the admins you will recieve a number of points.
    • For being a long term member [ If you are active and posting every 3 months you will recieve points].
    • If you make a banner or any other advertising graphics for Literary Lounge and PM it to a admin you will recieve points.
    • You will recieve points for participating and being active within 3 or more roleplays. [You must post at least one a week in the roleplay to be considered active. The points for this will be given twice a year - January and June]

    [What can I do with the points?]

    The points can be exchanged for things, such as the following:-
    • Name change.
    • Your story/fanfiction/poem/song stickied for a week.
    • Your story/fanfiction/poem/song spotlighted for a month on the Writers' Portal.
    • An ability or item in a roleplay you weren't allowed before (PM the admin that created the roleplay to ask what's available before asking to exchange).
    • Your own personal rank (admin and moderator not included).

    [How do I exchange the points?]

    PM an admin and tell them what you would like to exchange your points for. They will check you have enough points and then exchange them.

    A revised version of this post and the point numbers will be stickied in the Community Forum soon.

    The portal now has three pages - Forum News, Writers' Portal and Roleplay Portal they are almost finished the written work is all that needs to be done. ^ ^
    The Blogs Forum and the Community Forum are up and awaiting your attention. Wink
    Christina has finished the Index and it will be updated regularaly - members and guests will not be able to view the roleplays currently and guests will not be able to view Blogs.

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