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    Points And Reputation System Info


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    Points And Reputation System Info

    Post by Roxanne on Fri Oct 24, 2008 9:54 am

    [How do I get points?]

    Admins will give you points for the following:-
    • Winning/Participating in Literary Lounges contests, awards and events. The number of points recieved will be stated in the thread for the contest, awards or event.
    • Inviting a new member to Literary Lounge ( Don't forget to ask the new member to mention that you invited them or we can't give you the points. Wink ).
    • If you request something in the RFS forum and it is accepted by the admins you will recieve a number of points.
    • For being a long term member [ If you are active and posting every 3 months you will recieve points].
    • If you make a banner or any other advertising graphics for Literary Lounge and PM it to an admin you will recieve points.

    You will recieve points automatically for the following:-
    • For starting a topic or posting in the RFS forum.
    • For starting a topic or posting in the Writing forums.
    • For posting in the roleplays.

    [How many points do I get...?]

    Contests/Awards/Events –

    Winner – 24 Points
    2nd Place – 18 Points
    3rd Place – 12 Points
    Participating – 6 Points

    If you win and receive winning points, you will not receive participating points as well.

    New Member – 5 Points

    Accepted Request – 5 Points

    Long Term Member – 10 Points

    Advertising Graphic – 5 Points

    - Starting A Topic - 3 points
    - Posting - 3 points

    Writing Section
    -Starting A Topic - 2 points
    - Posting - 1 point

    - Posting - 4 points

    [What can I do with the points?]

    The points can be exchanged for things, such as the following:-
    • Name change.
    • Your story/fanfiction/poem/song stickied for a week.
    • Your story/fanfiction/poem/song spotlighted for a month on the Writers' Portal.
    • An ability or item in a roleplay you weren't allowed before (PM the admin that created the roleplay to ask what's available before asking to exchange).
    • Your own personal rank (admin and moderator not included).

    [How many points do I need for...?]
    * Due to points being easier to aquire the number of points required to exchange has been increased.

    Name Change – 80 points

    Stickied Writing Piece – 60 Points

    Spotlighted Writing Piece – 70 Points

    Roleplay – 80 points

    Personal Rank – 110 Points

    [How do I exchange the points?]

    PM an admin and tell them what you would like to exchange your points for. They will check you have enough points and then exchange them.

    [What do I do if I have more questions about the Points System?]

    PM an admin, preferably me, or start a new topic in the community forum and ask away. ^ ^

    [The Reputation System]

    The Reputation system allows you to vote on members posts. The system will only count in certain forums.

    The Reputation system counts in the following forums -

    Stories And Fanfictions
    Poems And Songs
    Any Roleplay

    Before you can vote on members posts you are required to aquire 50 posts.
    You can vote up to 5 times a day on any post. *Note* If you vote on a members post that is not in the above forums it will count towards this number but will not gcount towards the members reputation.

    It is recommended that you vote on member posts judging by the following -

    RFS - If you think someone has suggested a good idea, or if you agree with what they are saying.
    Community - If you like the work they submitted into the contests.
    Stories And Fanfictions - If you enjoyed/like the members work.
    Poems And Songs - If you enjoyed/like the members work.
    Blog - If you think the member has put effort into their blog entry or if you feel the same way about something they have written about.
    Any Roleplay - If you think a member has written a good Roleplay post.

    [Thanks Button]

    This is only to be used if you think the members work was especially good or you think highly of the post. It simply adds more reputation than a simple vote.

    [What do I do if I have more questions about the Points System?]

    PM an admin, preferably me, or start a new topic in the community forum and ask away. ^ ^

    Enjoy! ^_^

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