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    Requests, Feedback and Suggestions Empty Requests, Feedback and Suggestions

    Post by Roxanne on Sat Oct 18, 2008 6:52 pm

    Requests, feedback and suggestions are an important part of improving and expanding a forum. It's not going to be fun being on a forum that has something you don't like on it. If you don't like something or do like something we want to know. If you want to see something new or change something we already have, we want to know about it. If we know about it we can do something about it.

    To help us sort through the posts we'd appreciate if you would put the appropriate tag in the title.

    [REQUESTS] - Any ideas you have that you want to see on the forum.

    Once you post a request others are more than encouraged to have their say on the matter as well. Your request should recieve an answer fairly quickly - usually a 'yes' or 'no' with reasons why. If we do say yes, how long it takes for the request to be completed depends on how busy the admins are - we have lives too you know. If we say no it doesn't mean we won't re-consider in the future. So, in a few weeks/months time after the request was denied, if you still think it's a good idea try requesting again.

    [FEEDBACK] - We want to know what you think.

    We greatly appreciate feedback as it helps us know what we're doing wrong and what we're doing right. Once we know that we can ask you, and ourselves, what we can do to be better. Again, once you've posted your feedback members are more than welcome to agree or disagree and post their feelings on the matter. Staff may ask for feedback on ideas they have so don't be afraid to drop into their threads and tell them what you think.

    [SUGGESTIONS] - What we can do to make something better.

    So the requests tell us what you want, the feedback tells us what we're doing right or wrong, and the suggestions tell us what we can do to make something already on the forum better. Don't forget we want to hear everyone's opinion on the suggestion, so, if you have an opinion on a suggestion that's just been posted by another member feel free to post in the thread. If the forum gets better it also becomes more enjoyable. In the end, we all benefit.

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