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    Post by Ayakella on Thu Oct 30, 2008 8:21 pm

    Disclaimer: I don't own any real people, real songs, real places, real works of art, fiction, etc, etc, blah blah blah.


    I ruffle up my hair and stare into the mirror, disappointed in what I see. Myself.

    My long, chestnut hair is flat. Not straight, flat. Straight is when it's sleek and model-like, flat is just... there. A bunch of thick hair. My eyes are gloomy, tired; I didn't sleep last night. The green color is no longer as obvious, more like something that's there to fill up my iris. My skin, my best feature, is smooth; not a pimple in sight. I wiped my bangs out of my eyes annd sighed, yet again pulling the brush through my hair. Eventually I had it in two braids. I dressed in my uniform, ate breakfast, and headed out the door.


    "Amanda. Amanda!" I listened to my name, over and over, until I heard my best friend whisper to me.
    "Psst! Mandy! Mrs. Dover is calling you!" At the sound of Jess' voice, I snapped back to attention. Dover was staring at me, her face showing her obvious displeasure.
    "Thank you, Miss Morgan. Now, back to the text," she continued. I realized that she had only called me to embarrass me, and I bit my lip angrily, sinking back down into my chair for the rest of English. When it was finally over, we walked out of class, when Dover grabbed my arm.
    "Miss Banks, I fear that you are falling behind in English," she told me. Well, duh. I struggled not to roll my eyes, and remained silent.
    "So," she continued, "you are free to join my after school group." I could barely hide my shock. No way!
    "I don't think I can, Mrs-"
    "Oh, you will," she hissed, peering over her glasses. "Next Monday seems like a good day, doesn't it? See you then." And witha wave of the hand, she dismissed me. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate, no, despise that woman?

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