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    Post by Burning Rose on Thu Nov 13, 2008 2:11 pm

    Ooc: Ok, This story I posted on Neo, but not alot notice was taken to it. Mainly I need Critique for it and it would be much appreciative.]

    ~/♥/~The Heart of Mieraz~/♥/~


    "Only five kids, whose special talents only I can see, will come to my home in Verona, Italy"

    announced Sueang Miina de Coreeze, "They will be staying with me, so I might choose my heir".

    When she finished, The crowd stood and applauded her. *wild clapping*

    "Wait, Mrs. Coreeze, one more question.

    What talents are you looking for?" a young reporter asked.

    "Only those who know about Mieraz,

    would understand what I'm talking about" The elderly woman replied.

    And with that, she left..........

    ~//~Chapter 1~//~
    ~"A singer's sorrows"~

    "Alex, wait up!" Dill called.

    "What can I do for you, Dill?" Alex replied, clearly annoyed.

    "You did we singing today" He commented, "well, for your first time"

    "So, I did well because of beginners luck?" I snapped.

    "No, no, That's not what I mean-" He started. But I cut him off.

    "Don't worry, in a little over a week, you'll be in Iowa, and away from me" I replied tightly.

    "What's up with you? Ever since you heard we were moving, you've acted like we're worst enemies" he asked.

    "Apparently, you are out of the loop" I laughed, "If you have to ask, you are an idiot".

    "Excuse me?" a man in a blue suit interrupted us, "Are you Dillan Riohclem?"

    "Yea, that's me" Dill, answered.

    "I have a letter for you, here" the man replied, as he handed the letter to Dill. After that, he walked away quickly.

    "What's it say" I asked impatiently.

    "Here, you read it" He said, handing me the letter.

    "Dear Mr. Riohclem,
    I am pleased to say you have the 'special' talents I'm looking for. Enclosed is a form that you and your parents are to sign. When the signing is complete, please send to 865 Lord's Lady avenue, Verona, Italy, 05753. I will send you a list of items you will need here at my estate. But if you choose not to come, you will miss out on a great adventure and treasure. So I hope to hear from you soon. Yours truly,
    Sueang Miina De Coreeze".

    "Ive heard of her, from the news. If you've been chosen, you're probably going to get rich!" I exclaimed.

    "What do you mean?" he asked.

    "About a month ago, it was all over the T.v., Internet, Radio broadcasts, everywhere" I started.

    "Just get on with it" He said exasperated.

    "So much for dramatic build-up" I giggled, "Mrs. Coreeze is one of the richest people in the world. But, she has no heir. Well, about a month ago, she decided to look for a heir".

    "She's having some sort of....Competition, you could call it" I continued, "No one knows what it entails, but at the end, last person standing, becomes her heir".

    Dill just looked at me blankly. "What do you think I should do?" He asked me.

    "How am I supposed to know?" I replied sharply, "I mean, if you want to go, no Iowa, right?". I laughed uneasily.
    "I shouldn't care what you do. I've got to go now, bye" I said as I ran toward my awaiting family.

    As I started to my family, Dill said something, he assuming I couldn't hear.

    "You shouldn't care, but I hope you do".............

    ~//~Chapter 2~//~

    "Totally bored......So, so, totally bored" I complained to my mother.

    "I don't care! Go join one of the games or something" She snapped at me, " Think they're starting a game of Hide-n-go-Seek".

    I guess she was tired of my complaining.

    "*sigh* But mom, I'm sixteen. Do you really think that I'm going to play with the little kids?" I replied.

    She glared at me.

    " Fine, I'll go find something to do" I quickly said before she could yell at me again.

    I walked around to the other side of the house and sat on the front porch. I was relieved to be away from the screaming kids and the gossiping adults, in the back yard.

    As I was sitting there, I began to contemplate on the current events.

    My family and I were at a going away party for the Riohclems. People I had known since as long as I could remember, were moving back to Iowa. I would say from my hometown, but we didn't live in the same town. We went to the same church, but lived in different towns. They lived further from church then we, the Rosens, did.

    Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, except me.

    I was probably the most miserable person at the party, apart from the the members of the Riohclem family.

    In the Riohclem family there are 6 members. There's Deacon Dan, He's the Deacon at our church and the head of the family. Aunt Renee, who's Deacon Dan's wife. Meggie, the oldest and only girl. She already went to Iowa with her husband and son. Seth, who's the second oldest. He was away, over seas. There's Dillan, who's my age. He had already left the country for Mrs. Coreeze's competition thing. And then there's Innis, the youngest. Basically only three members of the Riohclem family were there.

    I was lonely.

    The only person who was my age, was my older brother, and he had volunteered to cook. He just likes to cook(creepy, I know).

    My younger siblings, Innis, and the other kids were all playing games that just didn't entertain a sixteen-year-old.

    Even if Dill was here, we would just spend our time insulting each other. We seemed to be doing that often. I haven't any idea why though.

    As I sat contemplating things, I hadn't realized how hungry I had become. So when my dad called everyone for dinner, I became ravenous.

    I headed back for dinner, to stop my brother's complaining.

    We didn't notice that a strange man had come to the gathering, till after we said the dinner prayer.

    A man in a blue suit.

    The same one who delivered Dill's letter........
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    Burning Rose

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    Post by Burning Rose on Thu Dec 04, 2008 2:48 pm

    ~//~Chapter 3~//~

    "Excuse me" The man said, walking up to the group, "I'm looking for a Miss Alexandra Rosen. Is she here?".
    "I'm Alexandra Rosen" I replied coming forward.
    "I have a letter for you" He stated, handing me an envelope. He walked away, as I stared at the envelope.
    "Why does it look so familiar" I thought to myself. I shook the thought immediately.
    When I started to open it, I realized why it was familiar. It was the exact same letter as Dill's!
    The only difference was it had my name. I was excited.
    "What does it say Alex, dear?" My dad asked.
    I handed him the letter and started to become ecstatic. As my dad read, I started to get my food.
    When my dad finished reading, my mom took the letter and shook her head. "We'll talk about this when we get home" was she said.
    "There's nothing to talk about" I insisted, "I want to go".
    "But that doesn't mean you get to go" She replied silently.
    I froze.
    "What?!?!" I shouted, dropping my plate, "What are you saying!?".
    "I said we'll talk about this when we get home"she repeated sternly.
    I looked at her in horror, then ran to the car.
    I moved to the back of the car and cried myself to sleep.
    When I woke up, it was dark outside and the vehicle was in motion.
    I noticed we were in our neighborhood. We pulled into our driveway shortly afterwords.
    Upon the engine cutting off, everyone sluggishly filed out of the car and into the house.
    When I reached the inside of our abode, I immediately started for my bedroom.
    The one I share with my little sister. Sorry, I mean my litttle brat of a sister. She's so spoiled. Uhn.
    Before I made it to the hallway, my dad interrupted my journey.
    "Wait, Alex" He said, "We need to talk".
    "Why?" I asked, holding back a fresh storm of tears, "Mom made it clear that I can't go".
    "You're mom just doesn't-" My dad started.
    "She just doesn't want me to grow up" I argued.
    "Alex, calm down honey. That's not the reason" He said, defending her, "She doesn't want you by yourself, so for away from us".
    "Oh, I see. She doesn't trust me" I was nearly shouting at this point.
    Just then, My mom came out with a sheet of paper and slammed it on the table in front of my dad.
    "Sign it. She wants to leave so bad, just sign it" She said tightly.
    She left as fast as she had come in.
    After he finished signing my dad kissed the top of my head and said good night.
    After he left, the tears really started to flow.
    "I want to go, but not like this" I thought as I signed.
    I left the paper on the table and went to bed.
    After I crawled into bed, I cried myself to sleep...........again.
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    Post by Burning Rose on Sun Dec 21, 2008 11:11 am

    ~//~Chapter 4~//~

    The next couple of days weren't any better.

    My mom wouldn't talk to me and my dad was very irritable. So I was to blame for all the yelling those days.

    We received the 'to bring' list by the end of the week. It wasn't that long, more like stuff you'd bring on vacation or something. The contents were:

    One large travelers trunk
    A weeks worth of shirts
    A weeks worth of pants
    A weeks worth of underclothing
    A weeks worth of socks
    A Sunday outfit
    A business outfit
    A formal outfit
    Several pairs of pajamas
    A sweater or sweatshirt
    A pair of work shoes
    A pair of nice shoes
    Bath toiletries
    Regular toiletries
    Several of your favorite books
    Any comfort items

    There were also warnings about no revealing clothes, everything you bring must fit in your own trunk, etc. I realized that I had most of this stuff, but I needed somethings, like the trunk and a business outfit.

    In the envelope was a plane ticket to Italy. I had till the eighth of October, exactly a week from today ( It being Saturday the first).

    Considering the feud with my parents, I called my best friend Jeannette. She said she'd pick me in forty minutes. I used that time to summon enough courage to tell my parents I was going shopping.

    While my dad was making his lunch, I decided to make my move.

    "Hi daddy" I casually said, "What's up?". Just letting you know now, I don't have the best poker face. So people can usually tell when I'm lying or want something.
    He smiled at me and asked, "What do you want?"

    "Why do you always assume I want something?" I said, pretending to be hurt.
    " *sigh* Because I know you, Alex" He replied.

    "Oh, ya, that's right" I continued, laughing a bit, "Anyways, Jeannette was wondering if I could go shopping with her. Can I go?".
    "Are you going to get the stuff you need for Italy?" He asked me.

    "Yes, Of course" I replied.

    "Ok, then take this" He said, handing me $100.00, "Just in case, you don't have enough money".
    "Thank-you Daddy" I replied, hugging him, "I'm sorry about before-".
    "Don't worry about it" He interrupted, "Just go have fun with Jeannette".


    I smiled as I grabbed my purse and went to answer the door.

    "Hey girl, doing any better?" Jeannette asked as I closed the door behind.
    "Actually, yes" I replied as we got into the car, "I made up with my dad".

    "That's great" She exclaimed, "What about your mom?"
    As I shake my head, I reply "Not as much luck there".

    Jeannette looked at me. "Sorry" she said as we pulled out of my drive way.

    It takes us 'bout 35 minutes to get to the mall. Unfortunately, Bridgestreet doesn't have a travelers store. So we go to the boring mall.
    We actually get a good parking spot. Right outside of J.C. Penny's. Once inside, we make our way towards the travelers store.

    I start with the clearance stuff. All the stuff there was to small, though. After several minutes looking around, I found out that there was nothing in the right size or in my price range.

    "Come on, there's nothing here" I said, heading towards the door.
    That's when the store's owner called out to me. "What type of trunk are you looking for?" He asked.

    I gave him the dimensions and he gestured towards the back. "I have one that's been here months, but no ones been interested. So I put it in the back. I might have some interest for you" He said, as he searched for it.

    "Aha!" He exclaimed, upon finding. He pulled it out and I gasped.
    There, before me stood an amethyst colored trunk. It had jewels spread across it and it had gold accents.

    "Of course it's not real" I thought to myself. I asked for the price.
    It's been marked down so many times, that it's only $50.00" he stated.

    "Wow! Really?!" I exclaimed.
    "She'll take it" Jeannette quickly said.

    As we walked out of the store with the amethyst trunk, I thanked Jeannette.
    "Well, if you didn't say anything, he was going to raise the price" Jeannette said.
    "That's why I'm thanking you" I replied.

    We stopped by the food court and bought some smoothies. She got an orange sherbert and I got chocolate. We took the trunk to the car, then looked around J.C. Penny's.

    "So what type of outfit are you looking for?" Jeannette asked.
    "Like a business outfit" I replied, looking through a rack of tops.

    "Hmmm....." Jeannette murmured, looking through a different rack, "Be right back". She returned shortly. "Here, try this on" She said handing me an outfit.

    When I put it on I laughed. I changed out of it quickly and went out to Jeannette.
    "You are the greatest, best friend, in this history of best friends!" I exclaimed, "You know me so well. I really don't deserve you".

    I told her all this because the outfit she handed me was an aqua, form-fitting tank top; A knee length, ruffled skirt, with blue and green splotches; And a matching, flowing jacket, with mid-length sleeves. Something exactly like what I would wear.

    "Your white heels will match it perfectly" She replied, "Also, it was on clearance".
    We checked out, then returned to the car. We decided to go to Sonic for an early dinner. Luckily there was one by my neighborhood.
    After that, Jeannette dropped me off at my house, promising to be there to see me off, next Saturday.

    I took my findings to my room and started to pack.....

    I was nervous.
    I was the eighth of October and I was very nervous.

    I spent the morning, double checking that I had everything I needed:

    Two pairs of blue jeans, one pair of light blue cloth pants, two pairs of light colored shorts, and two black skirts. Three tye-dyed shirts, four tank tops, and two t-shirts from my dance academy. The weeks worth of under clothing and socks. The business outfit that Jeannette picked out, my blue Sunday dress, and my dark purple, evening dress. My favorite p.j.'s, my favorite brown knit sweater, and a complete stationary set. A pair of tennishoes, my white heels, my black heels, and my black hip-hop shoes. All my toiletries, my 'Twilight Saga', 'Artemis Fowl', and 'Pendragon' books. All this in my amethyst trunk. Oh ya, I also have my bible. I don't travel anywhere without it.

    Then in my purse I have my cell phone, makeup, Ipod nano, passport, and all my other legal papers.
    I was all ready.

    We were at the Airport, My trunk was in the luggage area, and I said my good-byes. I was heading towards the terminal, when I looked around and saw my friends and family heading home. That's when I ran.

    I ran to my mom and hugged her.
    " I'm so sorry for the way I acted and I love you so much" I cried.
    " I love you to, Alexandra and I'm sorry as well" She replied to me.
    We had a family hug, then my mother told me to hurry. I was going to miss my plane.

    I could now board the plane and have no regrets

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