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    Heart Angels Poems~ Empty Heart Angels Poems~

    Post by Heart Angel on Mon Dec 01, 2008 6:20 pm

    I don't think I'm very good but I thought why not see what others think. So sorry if they suck but I do hope you like them.

    Tear of Confustion~sonet*spelling*
    My eyes fill with tears
    were all those feelings fake?
    you are showing me all of my greatest fears
    or were they all for my sake
    what you said made me go into shock
    the feelingswash over me like a flood
    I once thought you were the key to my lock
    Now the pain breaks though making my heart bleed blood
    I will always remember how you make me feel
    right now my heart may be filled with sorrow
    yet you still think that I will heal
    still there is always tomorrow
    don't tell me we will be never
    because for you my love I'll wait forever.

    A Fallen Angel~Story poem
    An Angel with wings but with out flight
    wanting to be seen, heard, adn known
    waiting alone until the winged knight came into sight
    now she can let others see the side of her that has never been shown

    He took her in with open arms always welcoming
    she took his words and smile as a ray of light
    as time passed by they were always together
    they didn't relize what they were becoming
    both believed they would never be apart

    In a blink of an eye all seemed lost
    they both fought to keep what they had
    their love was real but at what caust
    it all seemed wrong, confusing, and misunderstud
    it was so sad

    The knight struggled to save his fair Angel from falling
    their grip then broke she fell and lyed in pain
    she yelled & cried for him she called
    she cried for years wondering if she'd stay the same

    The Angel waited, hoped, and preyed for his return
    her smile weak and fake while she lived in her mermory
    even if he did return their love and trust they would have to earn
    for years she ly with broken dreams quiet and in missory

    In the end she gave up hope and closed her eyes
    Hoping he would be in her after life.

    Bit of a friend~
    Like a light coming from a shooting star
    I turn around and there you are
    You hold me tight to comfort me
    Making me happy in my time of need
    You pick me up to carry me home
    your not going to let me down not today not tomorrow
    you fill my empty broken heart with hope and love
    we hold hands as friends today
    but maybe when my heart is better we'll be a bit more than just friends.

    Wake me Love~Rhyme poem
    I feel as if I'm in a deep sleep
    telling me waiting for love is a mistake

    For my heart is still weak
    thought I'll try to be strong
    Yet for you I still long

    Hoping, waiting, and praying that
    you'll be the one who'll make
    me wake

    Fall Haiku~

    Leafs falling
    Changed and dying
    You're gone

    Spring Haiku~
    Spring coming soon
    The snow is melting
    you carry me

    Winter Haiku~Coming soon...
    More to come very soon.
    Heart Angel
    Heart Angel

    Number of posts : 32
    Age : 25
    Location : 4getmenotvally
    Registration date : 2008-10-21

    Heart Angels Poems~ Empty Re: Heart Angels Poems~

    Post by Heart Angel on Sat Dec 20, 2008 11:33 am

    I tried writing a song. But this was my first time ever trying to make one so it it's really bad sorry! here it is...

    Tittle... Hm....: Pray for us?

    All this time I've spent with you
    knowing it would come to an end
    still I will stay by your side
    you've shown me the l light of this world
    and now I just want to be with you!

    I want to pray... Hope & Believe
    I want us to be more than a wish made on the candles of yesterday

    Don't look forward
    Don't look back
    focus on the present focus on the now
    Don't just don't...

    The night seems never ending to me
    The never ending pain
    that all started with the sunset of yesterday
    But look!
    The sun is starting to rise...

    Pray for future
    Hope for a kind world
    Believe in us... Just once more...

    Look forward
    Don't ever look back!
    The future awaits us
    So lets get going! Lets go!

    Don't dwell on the past
    That will get you no where
    S-M-I-L-E oh please
    Smile if only for me..
    look up to the sky
    dawn has come
    the light is shinning brighter than ever before
    Just take my hand!
    Lets love while we can

    Lets always pray
    The future is still coming
    For that kind world without pain
    Just believe
    That's all we'll need!
    Just you & me

    The future is here!
    The past is the past
    our times not up yet
    so please just say
    I love you! love you!
    I love you....

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