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    January's Writing Contest!


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    January's Writing Contest!

    Post by Roxanne on Sat Dec 20, 2008 12:34 pm

    This contest will happen every other month. The next contest will be in March.


    I’m going to give you an image, theme, song or poem and you have write a story, description, poem or song that has something to do with what I give you.

    If I gave the theme of magic, you could write a story or description about a witch or wizard.

    The goal of the contest is to be creative, original and unique. Your chances of winning will greatly increase if you can score those three points in your writing.

    Creativity – How your written piece is written – description, use of humour, dialogue etc. (This depends on what your written piece is – story or a poem etc.)
    Originality – How you define the image, theme, song or poem. Bend the boundaries.
    Unique – Is your story going to be different to every other members story?


    Everyone who participates will receive points. Here are the points that you will receive:-

    Winner – 24 Points
    2nd Place – 18 Points
    3rd Place – 12 Points
    Participating – 6 Points

    If you win and receive winning points, you will not receive participating points as well.


    To enter, simply post your story, description, poem, or song in this thread. The judge(s) will judge and if there is a tie members will get to vote.


    1. If I give you a poem to base your writing piece around you cannot enter a poem. The same applies for a song.

    2. For stories and descriptions, the minimum word count is 80. [Note: Each contest will have the word count increased by ten until we reach a point in between 100 -150 words.]

    3. You can have a maximum of three entries. You can edit and swap your entries for other entries up until the deadline.

    4. Members can C&C on all the entries submitted. Please make it constructive: “It’s good” and “It’s sucks” are not allowed. “It’s good but your spelling needs some work” and comments similar to that are allowed.

    5. Have Fun!

    For this contest I'm going to give you three things just to make sure someone can find something to write about. You can include all three things or just one but remember you can't write a song if you're using the song as the given thing.

    ~ A New Beginning
    ~ This Image
    ~ This Song

    Enjoy ^^

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    Re: January's Writing Contest!

    Post by Estrella on Fri Jan 23, 2009 2:01 pm

    Yeah ummm, don't ask where I got inspiration for this. It's basically a part ending this of this story I'm writing, but I changed the point of view, a lot of the content, etc. =P

    It was finally over, that terrible battle between the two girls Envy and Rhapsody. Envy climbed out of the hole she had created to protect herself in and coughed heavily, desperately trying to get some air. She breathed in large gulps of air, and staggered while trying to find her footing. A large dark figure swooped down by her and helped her up. She smiled at the person, and used him as something to lean on, regaining her composure while doing so.
    “Ragnir…thanks for coming back.” she said softly, not meeting his eyes.
    “I told you I would, now let’s get out of here, for all we know Rhapsody will wake up any second and try to burn you or something to that effect.” Ragnir replied, unfurling his great black wings and taking an injured Envy in his arms.
    “I don’t think she would do that…” Envy protested meekly.
    “Just like you didn’t think you would try and kill your best friend, which you almost did.” Ragnir retorted, flying off with Envy. “Trust me, what you think doesn’t always happen.”
    “That’s true…” Envy sighed. “Ragnir, why did you come back?”
    “Because I told you I would.”
    “Liar, you said you wouldn’t come back.”
    “I said that I might not come back.”
    “Mm-hmm, now let’s get you back to the house and get you cleaned up and heal those wounds of yours.”
    “Why? It’s not like I have anything left to live for anyway.”
    “No one likes me anymore. Not even you or Rhapsody, or even Gryffin. I made Gryffin mad by almost killing his crush, I made you upset and you flew away, and I almost killed Rhody, what’s left? I might as well die in their steads.”
    “Don’t even think about it. Why do you think I came back?”
    “I dunno.”
    “Oh you idiot, can’t you see that I came back because I cared?”
    “I cared for your health and safety Envy!”
    Ragnir landed and set Envy down on her feet. They locked eyes, one set confused and the other just deep. Ragnir sighed, and placed his hand on Envy’s cheek. She seemed to melt into it, and tilted her head forwards so she was leaning against it.
    “…Because Envy, you’re my chaos.”
    “What do you mean, Ragnir?”
    “I mean that you are what keeps me going, what makes me happy, what gives me strength. You are my chaos, my world, nothing could ever compare to you. You and I were destined to meet, and I was destined to fall, head over heels, for you. I love you Envy, and I always will. Forever and always.”
    “…I love you too. Though you may be the demon lord of the element of Chaos, I still love you. I may be nothing compared to your rank, but that won’t change my feelings for you. You are my savior; I couldn’t think of anyone better for the job.”
    And then she threw herself into his arms. He held her to his chest, and slowly tilted her face upwards, and bent forward. Their lips met in a surge of warmth and darkness, which had enveloped them as they lost control. Then they broke apart.
    “You’re mine forever Envy, and don’t you ever forget that. I love you, my little chaos, forever and always.”
    “I’m yours Ragnir, I’m yours. And you know what? I think I’ve found a reason to keep going.”
    “Silly Envy, you’ve always had one.”
    “I think that’s its high time that I start anew. With you by my side, nothing can go wrong.”
    “It’s time for a new beginning Envy. You and I will start anew, and no one will stop us.”
    “A new beginning…”
    “A new beginning with you.”

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    Re: January's Writing Contest!

    Post by Christina on Mon Jan 26, 2009 8:19 pm

    Mine is for a new beginning, it's a poem:

    New Hope

    Winter turns to spring,
    Night turns to day,
    Birds begin to sing,
    Does begin to play.

    Young animals are born,
    New flowers are grown,
    The old page is torn,
    Leaving new life on its own.

    A girl starts on her journey,
    As another journey ends,
    The girl begins to worry,
    as the new road twists and bends.

    She starts her new beginning,
    and turns to look behind,
    at the path that once looked twisting,
    starts to untwist and unwind.

    She starts to change her pace,
    From a jog into a lope,
    This new starting place,
    Brings with it a new hope.

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    ~Passion. It lies in all of us. Sleeping...waiting...and though will it's jaws, and howl. It speaks to us...guides us. Passion rules us all. And we obey. What other choice do we have?~

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    Re: January's Writing Contest!

    Post by Roxanne on Tue Feb 17, 2009 11:19 am

    Due to the activity of the forum going down over the Christmas Holidays (and not coming back up) and the lack of entries I'm going to keep this open until the end of March (the time the next contest was supposed to be).#

    Please enter more entries =D

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    Keep me in your memory

    Post by Ayakella on Thu Mar 05, 2009 4:45 pm

    Mine is based off the song. It's... well, kinda depressing.

    "Henry. Henry!" I was sobbing, kneeled down in front of my closest- and only- friend. He wasn't only a friend- I loved Henry. I loved him with all my soul. My heart slowed down and sped up whenever he smiled at me, or ran his hand through his light brown hair, or when his green eyes laughed happily, dancing in the dim light of the small room we had lived in for so long. But my heart was beating faster than ever at the sickly pale color of his face, the pained set of his jaw, and the sweat seeping heavily through his skin, plastering his hair to his head. I had never really thought that he would leave me- we'd been together so long. Even if he tried, it would have been hard to leave the small prison room we lived in. Dying was the only way out once you were this far in- and we were as far as people got.

    I hadn't done much- well, at least, not in my opinion. It's not my fault if I don't fall for the stupid, messed up system that was called church. I'm a Cathar- I follow the original teachings of kindness and goodwill of the bible. And apparently, that's illegal. They hadn't killed me- apparently, even they wouldn't bring themselves to kill a twelve-year old. After five years, they forget about you altogether. Henry was a different matter. He had gone against the very rules of religion I had followed my whole life. Henry had killed. Not just one person- many, many people. Henry was an assassin.

    That's how he made money. He killed people- which I think is the most disgusting and vile thing you can do- and he made money off of it. Money. That's sick. He deserved to be in prison- but I wish he weren't.

    At first, I'd hated him. How had I fallen in love with him? How could it have happened? But it doesn't matter. The only person I had left was dying. And I could do nothing.

    "Catherine," he said shakily, and at his raspy voice I bursted into tears all over again. "Catherine... I want you to... promise me something."
    "Anything," I cried. "Anything, Henry, anything."
    "I know that I'm going to... hell," he said. I shook my head, but no words came out. He continued. "After what I've done... even I want myself to go to hell. But promise me..." he looked in my eyes. "Promise that you won't resent me for what I've done. I can't be redeemed, but... forget the wrong that I've done. I want..." he shook his head, as though telling death to wait few minutes. "I want to leave behind some reasons to be missed. But... stop pretending that something can come and save me from myself. I can't be who you are. Just..." he took a deep, shuddering breath. "Keep me in your memory- the good things. And leave out all the rest. And even in hell," he grimaced, "even in hell, I'll watch over you. Just... remember me the way you liked me best. Don't remember Henry the assassin, or... Henry the sick man... remember Henry. Just Henry."

    "You don't have to ask," I told him. "Henry, I... I love you, Henry," I told him, for the first time. His eyes lit up, dancing happily. "If there's anything you need me to do for you..."
    "You already have," he breathed, laying back down. "Thank you, Catherine... You're the best thing that has ever happened to me." He closed his eyes, and for once he looked at peace. I smiled through my tears, leaned down, and gently kissed his lips. I sat back up.

    He had already gone.

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    Re: January's Writing Contest!

    Post by Roxanne on Fri Jun 05, 2009 11:29 am

    I am very sorry for my lack of activity of the last few months. I'm also very sorry I completely forgot about the contest. Please don't hurt me. ;-;

    Anyhow, JUDGING >=]

    [Again, if I appear quite harsh I'm sorry ;-;]

    Estrella - 10/15

    Christina - 10/15

    Ayakella - 10/15

    Okay, Christina and Arctic need to judging. However, in the mean time, I will set up a new contest as it could be a few days before Arctic gets around to judging.
    Arctic Wolf
    Arctic Wolf

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    Re: January's Writing Contest!

    Post by Arctic Wolf on Tue Jun 16, 2009 1:56 pm

    Christina - 12
    Ayakella - 11
    Estrella - 7

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    Re: January's Writing Contest!

    Post by Roxanne on Tue Jun 16, 2009 2:03 pm

    Due to the fact I don't really want to leave this open any longer, Christina has been busy or otherwise unable to log on, and I want to publish the winners in the Newsletter I'm going to work out the winners from Arctic's and my judging.

    Christina - 10 + 12 = 22/30 = 73%
    Ayakella - 10 + 11 = 21/30 = 70%
    Estrella - 10 + 7 = 17/30 = 57%

    1st Place - Christina
    2nd Place - Ayakella
    3rd Place - Estrella

    Points Will Be Given Shortly ~~

    ~ Thread Closed ~

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    Re: January's Writing Contest!

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