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    Shadowed Rejection [PG-13] Empty Shadowed Rejection [PG-13]

    Post by Roxanne on Tue Jul 21, 2009 9:33 am

    Author's Notes::
    After creating Levana Shadow May, for the HM DS Cute Role Play on neoseeker, I decided that I would write Levana's past as a proper story and display it in my neo.home in case someone in the role play wanted a more detailed version of her history to refer to. Happy with the beginning of the story, I decided I would also display it here. Due to the story not being on the same site as the role play, I may change this version of the story a little so that I can continue on with it even after I have reached the present that would be the role play. Even though the character was for a HMDS Role play this version of the story, even if I continue it on, will have no relation to HMDS Cute.

    I'd appreciate it if you ripped it to shreds [I want you to tell me every last fault or every last thing that's good about it] when you comment - it can't get better unless I know what needs changing and what doesn't! ^^

    Main Characters::

    Levana Shadow May
    Echo Summers
    Luka Browne
    Marie May
    Evan May
    Sarah Summers


    Length:: 2,270 Words To Date
    Chapters:: 2 To Date
    Status:: Unfinished
    Rating:: PG - 13
    Genre:: Mystery
    Underlying Themes:: Secrets, Lies, Rejection


    [Chapter One - Nobody Home]
    [Chapter Two - Trick Or Truth?]

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    Number of posts : 257
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    Shadowed Rejection [PG-13] Empty Re: Shadowed Rejection [PG-13]

    Post by Roxanne on Tue Jul 21, 2009 9:36 am

    - - - - - - ◣ Chapter One - Nobody Home ◥ - -

      She thundered down the stairs as fast as her legs could move. Her adoptive parents, Marie and Evan, had something important to tell her. Important, usually, meant exciting. Just like the time Evan had wanted to speak with her about “something important” and it turned out to be an invitation to go dry skiing with him or the time Marie wanted to “talk about important things” but it turned out she wanted to reveal her plans for them all to go rock climbing for the weekend. She skidded into the kitchen to see both, Marie and Evan, looking very serious.

      Levana instantly dropped the wide smile on her face and mimicked their expression. Marie set her mug of coffee down on the table without catching Levana’s gaze. “Levana there is something we have to tell you,” she said but she seemed to be choking on her words as if she was trying not to cry. Levana walked closer to the table. Marie pushed a folded scrap of paper across the table towards her. Marie opened her mouth in an attempt to say more but found she couldn’t. Evan put a hand on her shoulder and continued for her.

      “Levana May,” he began slowly. “The orphanage has… has located your parents.” He gestured to the scrap of paper. Levana stood silent for a moment, trying to digest all that she was being told. “Well, your father is… deceased but your mother and your sister are alive and well. They live thirty minutes walk from here. We understand if you want to go and live with them and you’re welcome to come back here anytime if you do.”

      “No!” Levana said bluntly. “If she gave me up and pretended to be dead all these years she obviously doesn’t want me.” Levana frowned - she really wanted to see her mother and her sister and get some answers but she couldn’t bear to leave Marie and Evan, not after all these years. Marie looked up and smiled at Levana despite the fact she was bad mouthing her real mother.

      “As much as I don’t want you to go, I think it might be best if you at least went to talk to them for a while,” Marie compromised with her. “Maybe, we can come to a decision on shared living arrangements so you can still come and stay with us.” Levana shook her head violently, water welling up in her eyes.

      “She doesn’t want me!” she shouted. It was more to convince herself then Marie and Evan. “I want to stay with you two!” Marie walked around the table and gave Levana a hug.

      “I know.” Evan began to make Levana a cup of tea. He often found that it made her feel better. Levana had grown to hate it made any other way than Evan’s way. Marie sat Levana down and they decided to have a proper discussion about it with their hot drinks and a few biscuits. “Levana, the orphanage said it may be that is was there fault they couldn’t locate your mother all these years. I mean, they have been living in the same city all this time and they didn’t pick up on this.”

      “How did I even end up in the orphanage in the first place? I was left on their doorstep, that’s how. She doesn’t want me, she just wants my sister.” Levana’s welled up again, she didn’t believe it until she said it out loud and even then she was dubious, but Evan placed her cup of tea in front of her and she cheered up a little.

      “Maybe, you should go and see them to find out the truth before you make up your mind.” Evan suggested. Levana drank her tea quickly with large gulps.

      “Okay,” she muttered. Levana snatched the piece of paper from the table and ran from the kitchen.

      She ran up the stairs just as fast, if not faster, than she had come down them. In her room, she opened up the folded piece of paper and read the address. ‘Thirty minutes walk. 15 minutes run.’ She thought. ‘She has some explaining to do.’ She shoved a few important things into her red messenger bag and then stomped down the stairs again. Marie and Evan were waiting in the hallway.

      “If you don’t come back tonight, we’ll bring the rest of your stuff in a few days,” Evan said as if he was sure once she had the truth that she would stay with them.

      “I’ll be back,” Levana promised as she hugged both of them. She threw her messenger bag over her shoulder, read the address once more, and then left, slamming the door behind her. Marie and Evan went to have another hot drink in the kitchen.

      Once Levana was at the end of the road and out of view of her house she began to run. Levana enjoyed running, she often participated in sports day at her school and she was part of the cross country and the athletics team. She turned corners and ran down streets without a second look at the names. She knew the city like the back of her hand.

      After 20 minutes, a little longer then Levana had hoped, she arrived at the house her mother and sister were supposedly living in. The sun was setting but not one light was shining out through the windows and the curtains weren’t closed. The gate and the door were slightly ajar and Levana could smell bacon. She walked slowly up the pathway doubting her choice to listen to Evan and Marie’s advice. She couldn’t hear the television and she couldn’t hear anyone talking either.

      The breeze blew the door open a little wider and Levana pushed it open all the way. “Hello!” she shouted. “It’s Levana!” Levana looked around carefully. There was barely anything in the house. In the hallway, there was nothing at all. She walked into the front room to discover only a sofa. After walking in to the kitchen, she shouted again but to no avail. The house seemed strangely empty but they would not have left the house without locking the door behind them, surely?

      Upon one of the sides in the kitchen was some sort of pile of paper and envelopes attached to a notebook. Levana walked up to it and picked it up. The top envelop had her name on it but the rest were slotted inside the notebook at regular intervals. She pulled the envelope loose and opened it carefully. She flipped over the small white piece of paper to reveal the words:

      Sorry Levana!

      It then dawned on Levana why the house was so empty. Levana screamed loudly and hit the kitchen sides. “I told them she didn’t want me! I told them!” Levana stuffed the rest of the pile of things into her bag and zipped it closed violently. She stormed through the house and as she left she shut the door with a big bang. As she stormed down the pathway she realised neighbours had come out of their houses to see what the commotion was. Levana looked at some of them and only saw pity on their faces. They all knew. They all did even those not showing it. Levana screamed loudly and began to run - but it wasn’t in the direction of home.

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    Post by Roxanne on Tue Jul 21, 2009 9:40 am

    - - - - - - ◣ Chapter Two - Trick or Truth? ◥ - -

      It began to thunder as Levana reached the nearest bus station. She checked the times of the next bus to the neighbouring city and then sat down to wait. Her hair was sopping and it dripped slowly off her hair intermixing with the warm tears that ran quickly onto her shirt. Levana had almost everything important to her in her messenger bag. Luckily she had thought to bring her purse with her. The security guard passed her several times as she waited for the bus, peering over to see if he could see any signs of a runaway.

      As midnight rolled in the security guard came towards her with two policemen. “You’re not planning on running away now are you, darlin’” one of the men asked. Levana shook her head and smiled. The bus rolled into the allocated space to wait for passengers. She watched and not one person got on before her.

      “Visitin’ a friend,” she said, mimicking the security guards speech pattern, as she got up and headed towards the bus. The policemen seemed convinced because they didn’t follow although they did stand near where she had been seating for sometime as they spoke. Levana sat on the empty bus longing for it to start its journey before they realised.

      The security guard walked away but the policemen walked out to the bus as the bus driver turned on the engine. They stepped on and began to talk to the driver. Levana shrunk back in her seat. There was no way she was going back to Marie and Evan just to have them fuss over her for three weeks and try to make everything better - because, quite simply, nothing could make her feel better. She wanted to forget everything and the only way to do that was to get away.

      One of the policemen got off the bus and the other sat down on one of the very front seats and continued to talk to the bus driver from a distance. Levana felt a little more at ease when the bus finally set off on its journey. The policeman suddenly turned around to her. “What’s your name then?” he asked. Levana eyed him carefully.

      “May,” she lied.

      “Why are you heading out this late to meet a friend, May?” Levana didn’t like his questions and she was tempted to ignore him and tune into her music. It was a two hours journey to the next town so it would be 2:15am by the time she arrived.

      “My parents left for the airport two hours ago. They’re going on holiday. They arranged for me to meet…” Levana quickly made up a name. “Sarah, in the next town at 3am. I’ll be staying with her family while my parents are away.” The policeman nodded seemingly convinced by her lie. But she had felt comforted by that false feeling before so she was ready for his next question.

      “You don’t mind if I stay with you then? Just until my co-worker turns up with the car,” he said. Levana swallowed hard. She turned away and so the policeman turned back to the bus driver. “Alright, stop the bus.” The bus stopped quickly. Levana shrank further into her seat.

      He stood up and nodded to the bus driver. He looked back at Levana. Levana turned away from his gaze and watched him in the reflection on the window. He began to walk towards her. He took both steps in one stride, and then sat down next to her. “Whatever the reason is, I don’t care.” He said as he stuffed a twenty pound note under the hand that was in her lap. “Just take my advice - go home.” He tipped his hat to her and then walked off the bus. “Make sure she gets where she’s going safely.” She heard him whisper as he got off the bus.

      The bus began to move again. Now that the bus was empty and she could focus on the journey itself, she suddenly realised how bumpy the road, they were currently travelling down, was. The bus driver wasn’t watching her so she slid her shoes off and brought her feet up on to the seat, wrapping her arms around them to keep them there. The seat felt soft and smooth under her toes but the window was hard and cold. She lifted her head from the window and looked at all the signs that decorated the inside of the bus.

      The bus rolled into a garage around half an hour later and Levana panicked thinking the bus driver was going to report her as a runaway. “Want something to eat?” he yelled down the bus. Levana nodded slowly then the bus driver exited the bus and went over into the garage. She slipped her shoes back on just in case and tossed her bag over to the other side of the seat, near the emergency exit. After a few minutes, he came back with a bag full of stuff. He walked up the bus and handed her sandwich and a drink.

      “Thank you,” Levana said gratefully. She had skipped her dinner after all.

      “Policeman’s orders,” he laughed as he got back behind the wheel and began to drive once more.

      It was 2:35am when they finally arrived in the next town over. Levana got off the bus as quickly as she could without forgetting to say thank you and goodbye. She wasn’t going to take any chances - she headed straight for a residential area. She looked at all the numbers as she passed the houses. As she reached the end of the road she glanced back before disappearing round the corner. She kept walking taking frequent turns and occasionally doubling back on herself. She wasn’t going to take any chances on the policeman and the bus driver finding her.

      Levana finally decided to stop when she reached halfway across a bridge. She peered over the edge into what seemed, from the distance, like calm water below. She sighed, “what am I doing?” She looked a little further over and then turned around only to stand in a large puddle.

      “Yes, what are you doing?” a voice said, almost mimicking her question.

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