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    Post by Roxanne on Fri Oct 17, 2008 3:50 pm

    Welcome to Literary Lounge! I'm sure I can hear all the moans and groans at the mention of rules but without them we could have all sorts of trouble. Of course, we're not saying that you, as an individual, are likely to cause any trouble but who knows.

    I'd like to thank you for reading this before you post, it greatly helps everyone and helps the forum run a little smoother.

    For now only the basic neccesary rules will be included. However, Christina and myself can and will add any rule that will prevent re-occuring trouble. Therefore, it's probably wise to check this thread occasionally for any new rules.

    Some certain parts of the forums within Literary Lounge may have their own rules stickied at the very top of the forum - the rules in that stickie will only apply to that forum in addition to the rules posted in this post unless otherwise stated. Literary LoungeWide rules will only be posted in this thread.

    1. No spamming.
    2. No flamming/trolling.
    3. No double posting.
    4. No advertising other websites etc.
    5. Have Fun

    1. No spamming.

    Spamming can often be posted without realising and can be hard to define. A post that is spam -

    • Contains only one word.
    • Does not contribute to the thread/discussion/forum in any way.
    • Contains only smilies.

    2. No flaming/trolling.

    Flaming is insulting a member or provoking them until they fight back. It will not be tolerated anywhere on the forum.

    3. No double posting.

    Double posting is two posts made by the same member one after another. This is not allowed and can be avoided by using the edit button located in the top right corner of your post. In some places

    4. No advertising other websites etc.

    Advertising of any sorts is not allowed. The posting of links to other sites is not permitted if it links to other forums, or sites containing any content above the e-rating.

    5. Have fun!

    At Literary Lounge we want you to have fun and socialize while you write, take part in the contests and lounge around!

    Stories And Fanfictions Rules
    Poems And Songs Rules
    Blogs Rules [Guests Will Not Be Able To View]

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