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    Post by Subaru7 on Sun Nov 23, 2008 4:40 am

    I think only one person here has ever read this story, so for everyone else, it's basically me in black, story in blue. Hope you enjoy it, I'll post up to 3 parts a day if I'm in the mood...Screw it, I'm posting 6 or more sections per post.

    What could've happened in that single moment in time. Could he have really...died. This day had been so amazing, maybe we should start at the beginning.

    11 hours ago, 7:30 AM, 7th of July, 2008

    "Great, a new semester. I'd just gotten over the last one." He walked into his 2nd year of High School, he was a Junior. Not like he cared, he just wanted to get to the next semester relatively unscathed. He walked into a familiar corridor, the one he seemed to never forget. It was almost exactly the same as it was last time.As loud as it was last time too. He walked straight to his enxt class, choosing to ignore the many people trying to greet him.

    'Drrrrriiiiiiiiinnnnngggggg' went the bell, it was time for first period, Homeroom. As he walked in, Ms Rouge jumped back startled.

    "Wow, Mr Oldrens, aren't we early?" He'd had her last year as a Math teacher and she was going to take them for it again.

    "Yes ma'am, I'm just...thinking about stuff," he replied solemnly, "So, looking forward to taking us again? I can't expect that you could've been particularly happy about getting us for your homeroom."

    She gave him a very sly smile, "Actually, I'm going to enjoy this challenge. You won't know what hit you."

    The rest of the class had started to file in by now. When the last of the class had managed to take their seat, Ms Rouge took rolecall.

    "Ray Oldrens?"

    "Here," he replied, still deep in thought.

    After rolecall, she said, "Everyone but Mr Oldrens here will have detention today."

    A general outrage was expreessed at this, Sarah Roberts making the loudest outcry, "WHY!?"

    "Well, I think that all of you came 2 minutes late? Am I correct?"

    This was going to be an interesting semester for sure.

    7:48, 7th of July, 2008

    Ms Rouge had set us a Creativity assignment as was tradition for Homeroom teachers in every grade. It was one about ourselves, our holidays and what our goals were. He finished the rough version of "Myself".

    It was very brief, a basic summary of himself, just a few keywords to base it on. They were: Black Hair; Brown eyes; Blue Contacts; 5'8; 14 years old; Family; Friends.

    After he was satisfied with the fact that there was nothing to add, he asked to be excused from class, telling Ms Rouge he had a headache. He might have had one, he might not, but he was lying about his reasons. The real reason he wanted to get out of class? It was her. Her name was Ayva Thompson.

    The day before the last set of holidays, she had asked him to tutor him for Summer School, which she was attending because of her Math marks. He was the highest performer in Maths, so it seemed obvious at the time.

    As the holidays droned on and she was managing Maths, something happened. It was just an instant, but one cloudy day, 13th of May to be exact, he saw something in her eyes, a look that meant she wanted to tell him something, but just...couldn't. As they finished the lesson, whatever she wanted to tell him, became obvious. She told him with one sweeping movement, she kissed him.

    He was having the perfect holiday, until he found her with Adam James. Adam was the jock of his grade, a star football player and athlete. If they had been just talking, he could've taken it, but they weren't doing that, they weren't kissing either, they had gone much farther. The memory seemed to haunt him for the rest of the holidays, but he never mentioned it as he helped her on the way to graduation.

    Now, here she was, sitting just 1 row behind him in Homeroom. He couldn't face it anymore, he needed a way out.

    9:47, 7th of July, 2008: English

    Their English teacher was a fussy old woman named Mrs McKenzie, who had the ability to faint at the word, "Gonna" They tortured her with this word, using it by "accident" sometimes. She had announced that they were going to have to write a full-on Creative Writing assignment about a fictional world.

    They were going to do this in partners. That word rooted him still, since fate had a very interesting way of toying with him.

    "Ok, Ray Oldrens with..." 'Not Ayva, not Ayva, not Ayva' he wished silently, but to no avail, "...Ayva Thompson." He made an efort to keep his face from being dissapointed or angry, but it was hard. He felt as hif his facial muscles were going to explode with the effort of his fake smile.

    She walked over to him, hips swaying so provocatively, taunting him. Her eyes, those pools of luscious green and her golden-brown hair, all making him wish he'd never walked in on them. It was almost too much to bear.

    "So Ray, what do we choose for a subject?" asked Ayva. They were top performers in English. This would've been so easy...

    "Ray?" called Ayva. Ray jerked back to Earth. "What subject are we going to choose?" asked Ayva, more slowly this time.

    "Um, we can choose between Ancient Mythology, Modern-Day Myths and Tribal Folklore, right? I say we go with Ancient Mythology. Greek, to be exact." said Ray, who, in his mind, was already two paragraphs into his portion.

    "Ok then, let's get going!" said Ayva enthusiastically. Oh how he wished he could...

    11:00, 7th of July, 2008:Recess

    He had been longing for this moment the entire day. He needed space. He found his old friends, Mia and Jake. They had known each other since Kindergarten. They were basically what some would call, "The In-Crowd". Everyone seemed to want to be their friends. They had no idea how it happened, since they were against popularity.

    "Hi guys, can't believe I haven't even spoken to you for the entire day. That's never happened before," said Ray. He hugged Mia and shook Jake's hand.

    Jake and Mia exchanged really funny looks. Ray knew the look well, it meant they thought they were about to try to be funny. Mia was first to speak, "I thought that was only because you were too busy with your new Girlfriend. Oh yeah, we know about what happened during Summer Break."

    "Ayva's not my girlfriend. She's as far from it as possible now."

    Jake and Mia exhanged worried looks this time, Jake saying, "That means?"

    Ray told them the entie thing. Their faces went from happy, to disgusted, to dissapointed. They sat on their usual railing today, in complete silence now.

    "Man, that's just...I don't even know what to call it." said Jake.

    Ray just sat there, staring at the floor, trying as hard as he could to think of a way out, but the bell brought him back to his senses and Mia and Jake groaned. Ray smiled. They had Ms Rouge again now.

    11:04, Monday 7th of July, 2008 :Math Class

    Everyone had filed in one minute before Ms Rouge came in. She was looking as stern as ever, much more stern than a usual 31 year old ever is. Ray didn't feel like pondering what could've made her like this, since he'd probably find out anyway.

    "Class, I've been talking with the other teachers about taking all of you on a camp as of next week Monday. However, they want it to start this week. Tomorow to be exact," evryone started whispering to each other in anticipation,"Which means that there is no point in giving you work today. Something I'm surprised they didn't see themselves. So now, you have a choice, outside or inside."

    Evryone voted for outside. As the class shuffled out, peolpe got out basketballs, soccer balls and footballs from their lockers. No one was in the mood for B-ball or ootball, so 2 games of 11 on 11 were started, one for the boys and one for the girls. Jake, Mia and Ray all enjoyed a friendly game of soccer, Mia being the tomboy she was.

    The game went on for an hour before they had to get to next class, Science. The final scores were Ray and Jake's team: 4, opponents: 3 and Mia's team: 7 and opponents:2.

    However, the extreme highlight of the day was soon to come...

    12:00,Monday 7th July, 2008:Science

    Everyone got into class on time, which was unusual after a free period. They had their books out and everything, since they were expecting a written assignment. Mr Parker was an old-fashioned teacher, well into his 40s, that preferred the cane over detention. But he was still fair, knowing where the boundaries are and which ones not to cross.

    He entered the classroom the same way he always did after he'd just had a free, which was the half-hour before them, holding his briefcase in his one hand and his coffee in the other. When he got to his desk in the front of the class, he announced, to the joy of everyone present, that they were going to do a practical assignment for the first 2 months of the semester, mixed with various experiments.

    Ray was dumbfounded at the fact that this long-term assignment would be in pairs again, knowing that fate was about to smite him once again. He got Ayva as his partner once again, and he dropped his head onto the table, really hard, but managed to excuse it for a sneeze.

    When they got into their pairs, his mind told him that this was a perfect excuse to go to her house and confront her about what had happened. His heart told him that fate had brought them together and he needed to confront her, which was weird since his heart and his head argued more than he and his little sister, Abby did.

    They received their assignments from Mr Parker, which had the class in an uproar. Well, OK, mostly the girls. The class had to observe 6 types of bugs and insects, whichever they found first, in a controlled environment. Basically, they had to touch them. Ray agreed to catch them, since he knew Ayva was deathly scared of them. He had no idea why he did this, since most people would've blurted now and made it a point to put Ayva on the spot.

    After this, the existing pairs had to try and figure out the molecular content in MSG and in Baking Powder. Then, the bell rang for P.E.

    13:30, Monday, 7th of July, 2008: P.E

    Their P.E teacher, Mr Gramis, walked into the gym. Mr Gramis usually let them play their choice of sport and graded them on their performance, but since tomorrow was what it was, he let them off, giving them the choice of doing what they wanted.

    Ayva approached him as he was walking around, stretching his legs and such, to ask about the assignments they had. "With the camp and everything, I think we should start today, at my house," said Ayva, "We can also just be together, right? My parents will pick us up, I've phoned them," she said after he nodded his head.

    The sheer thought of them "Being Together" made him cringe. Her house was going to be his best chance to put her on the spot, but at the same time, he didn't want to hurt her. Why? He had no idea. The bell rang, signifying last period, was over and his day was only just beginning.

    2:17, 7th of July, 2008: Ayva's House, Confrontation

    Ayva's house was quite far from the school, but it was an amazing house in the suburbs. Two floors, brilliant green paint on the inside and the outside, but her room had a blue paint job, with thousands of posters of, guess who, the Jonas Brothers. She was an only child as well, which she made a point to bring up almost everytime they were at their house.

    Ray walked into the familiar setting, having been here several times before. She was just so beatiful. Ray took this time to take in her image. She was about 5'5, long, flowing brown hair with red highlights, green eyes, a brilliant smile, perfect everything. He lost his motivation for the confrontation for the moment, before her parents said, "Ayva, Ray, we're going out for about 3 hours. Protect our little Ayva, Ok Ray?" It was a joke that her parents made everytime he visited, him being the male and everything.

    "Ok, I'll make sure no-one hurts her," said Ray, disgusted at his own lie. He looked out the window to her backyard, where he saw her and Adam that day. He lost all remorse and had every intention of hurting her.

    After her parents left, he stood up really quickly and said, "Why are you doing this?"

    Ayva looked confused and replied, "Doing what?"

    Ray almost threw the desk into the wall, "LEADING ME ON!" he roared at her, and she recoiled. He was amazed at the amount of anger pulsing through him, making him use all of his self-restraint to stop himself from breaking something.

    "What?" she asked, still confused, tears starting to form,"What do you mean Ray?"

    "I SAW YOU! I saw you with Adam, right there, in the backyard. Don't you dare deny it!"

    Ayva looked horrified. Her face seemed to confirm all that Ray knew to be true and he broke. he broke inside and ran out of the house. Ayva made an attempt to chase, and managed to catch up with him.

    "No, it wasn't like that," she said, sobbing heavily now,"I pushed him away, he didn't get farther than stripping me down to my bra."

    "How can I believe you, huh?" Ray's eyes were starting to water now,"HOW?"

    She kissed him passionately, a kiss he returned. It went on for about a minute, they were locked in a tight embrace, the tears had stopped. They broke and she said, "I love you Ray, does that prove it? You're the only one that makes me feel happy."

    Ray just hugged her, holding her tight to him, never wanting to let go. However, the middle of the road was no place to do it.

    Ray's ears picked it up first and as if everything started to happen in slow motion, they turned and saw the car coming. Adam James was driving it. He was old enough for his learners, since he started school later than everyone else. Ray pushed Ayva out of the way and attempted to jump onto the hood. He lost his footing as he landed and rolled right over the car and dropping to the asphalt road.he lay there, losing his senses and his blood, as Ayva screamed on her phone for help.

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    More now:

    2:31, 7th of July, 2008: Life or Death.


    Ray's eyes were beginning to glaze over, he could hear his own breath, but nothing more. He could vaguely make out the shape of Ayva putting her phone back into her pocket and rushed to his side. He couldn't feel where he was bleeding from, he couldn't even feel Ayva's arms around him, or hear whatever she was saying. Then , he blacked out.

    (Only doing this to fill in the blanks)Ayva:

    "What? Ray, no, don't black out, don't black out, please. Wake up Ray, wake up!" She was crying again, the last of her mascara was smudging on his face. But she wasn't thinking about what she was going to do without Ray, her thoughts wandered to Abby.

    Abigaile Oldrens was 4 years younger than Ray. She was only 11, she was too young to take death. Her mind shocked back to the present, as the ambulance arrived. The nurse was quick on getting him on a stretcher and said, "Are you coming dear?"

    Ayva nodded and got into the ambulance, staring at Ray's face and nothing else, while holding his hand so tightly, she swore to never let go.

    3:11, 7th of July, 2008: Queens Hospital, LA

    Still Ayva

    Ayva was in the waiting room, after Ray had been admitted about 20 minutes ago. She had phoned her parents, Mia, Jake and Ray's parents. Mia was first to arrive, alone, since she was biking distance away.

    "How is he? What happened?" asked Mia, with a worried expression. Ayva told her that she was going to tell everyone what had happened. Mia slapped her straight across the face.

    "I already know what happened. It was about you and Adam, wasn't it?" said the angry Mia, who looked like she could've murdered someone. Ayva then told her the whole story. Ayva pleaded to Mia to not tell either of the set of parents that were coming, but that she could tell Jake.

    "Why, so you don't look like the guilty one? Like you didn't just cause the death of the one person I loved?!" The last sentence came out in a flurry of anger. She held her hand in front of her mouth and Ayva looked shocked. In the current situation, they decided not to pursue the subject.

    Jake, Ayva's parents and Ray's parents came in at the same time. Abby saw Ayva and ran into her arms. She was wearing a shirt given to her by the nurses, since her old one was covered in blood.

    Mia moioned for Jake to follow her and Ayva presumed what was happening there. Ayva told the set of parents that they were trying to catch the bugs for their assignment when the car hit Ray. She was disgusted at herself, for telling such a blatant lie. However, she was snapped back, as the doctor that had taken Ray to the operating room came into the room.

    3:35, 7th of July, 2008 : Ray? Who's Ray?


    He woke up. At first, he wanted to move, to get out of the bed. But he couldn't move his arms or his legs. He coudn't even speak. The anasthaetic was still taking effect on him. His finger started to respond. Then his hands. Slowly, he could move. The first thing he did, was he rolled onto his side, then he sat on the edge of his bed.

    His eyes were still blurry, but he made out shapes coming through the door, people. One was a girl, who cried out, "RAY! You're alright and embraced him in a tight hug." Then, everyone else did the same. It was kind of awkward for him.

    When one of the men asked, "Ray, are you alright? Say something."

    He just blinked and stared and said, "Who's Ray?"

    3:45, 7th of July, 2008 : Starting over.


    Ayva ran out of the room. She hid hersef in her parents car, crying. ray didn't remember her. It was a hot afternoon and her sadness turned to fear, fear for Ray, because, from now on, Ray would have to restart. How would he cope? Could he cope at all? Then, anger seemed to fill her every whim, anger towards Adam. It was no accident, of that, she had no doubt. She vowed to help Ray get his memory back and help him take revenge.


    In about 2 minutes, he'd managed to learn the names of everyone in the room. His parents, Ayva, who had run out, Her Parents, his sister, Abby, who was crying hysterically into his chest, held in a tight hug. Then his best friends, Jake and Mia. Then Ayva came back into the room and he asked everyone to give them some time.

    He asked Ayva to look away as he changed back into his clothes. Then he looked her straight in the eye. "I know you were there when whatever happened happened, since what they tell me is I was at your place. What really happened?"

    She proceeded to confirm his suspicions, that it was no accident. He wanted to find this Adam James and hurt him. Hurt him bad.


    Ayva had left an important part of the story out. Why Adam was involved. She had told Ray that he and Adam were enemies at school and when Adam saw his chance, he took it. He surprised her however, when he asked, out of pure intuition, "What's the situation, you know, between you and me?"

    "We're dating," she said teasingly and helped him to his parent's car.

    5:45, 7th of July : Living a life again.


    Ayva had managed to update him on all the assignments he had. They had also called the school telling them that they were not going on the camp, they thought it better to re-introduce Ray to his school and teachers. ayva was also introducing him to his own house, telling him where everything was in the absence of his family, who had gone to buy some groceries and painkillers for the headaches he was getting.

    Ray's parents asked Ayva to stay at the house over the night, since Abby was at a friend's house and they were going to go visit a relative. Ayva agreed and Ray was caught between her sincerity and what intentions may lie beneath.

    8:12, 7th of July, 2008 : Nightmares

    Ray's parents had called. They weren't going to be back until tomorrow, work had called them away. Ray didn't mind really, it wouldn't have made a difference either way. Luckily, Ayva was a good cook. She made him a light dinner, since that was part of the medication he needed. He couldn't eat a lot, since his ribs, that had been bruised, had to heal. Afterwards, they tried to continue with their homework, but stopped after the headaches had come back. They went to sleep at 9:00.


    Ayva was dreading sleep, knowing that there was no way she was getting through tonight without nightmares. But she couldn't stop it, sleep washed over her in less than an instant. Then the nightmares came. The first set of repeated nightmares came just as she expected. The car coming, Ray getting run over, then repeat. Near the end, it got worse. In the dream, Ray started to take much more. Every time before this one, she checked his pulse and it was there, but at some point, it wasn't. The next one...she was there, not Ray. The car came, she was frozen and Adam put on more speed. Ray was shouting, "AYVA!AYVA!" to no avail, until she woke up, a luxurry Ray didn't have, to see him standing over her. "Are you OK? You were screaming," said Ray. Ayva looked around the room, which was Abby's, and breathed a huge sigh of relief.

    "Yes, I guess it was just a nightmare."

    "Need something? Milk, water?"

    Ayva smiled and said, "No, but it would be comforting if we could sleep in the same room." Ray agreed and went to find a chair. But Ayva pulled him back and said, "No, no need for a chair, just come here," and pulled him under the covers.

    5:12, 8th of July, 2008 : We've met

    Ray had woken up early, since the prospect of the day was frightening. He was going to his school, the name of which he couldn't even try to remember, to try and re-acquaint himself with his teachers. However, that wasn't the reason he was up this early.

    During his dream, he had caught and held onto one image, he was shouting at Ayva. But he couldn't remember doing it. It must have been from before the accident. He'd have to ask her later.


    Ayva woke up at 6:30, when Ray's alarm went off. She got up and went to take a shower, since Ray wasn't there. As the hot water cleared her senses, she felt a pang of guilt for not telling Ray the truth. Then the thought of how hard the day ahead would be took over her mind.

    It scared her, knowing that she was in charge of someone else's memory. She got out and put on some of the clothes she had taken with her from home. She picked her old ones off of the floor and put them back into her bag. She went downstairs to find Ray. However, he wasn't there. She called out, no answer.

    She couldn't find any better words, so she simply said, "Oh no."

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    Post by Subaru7 on Sun Nov 23, 2008 9:07 am

    6:45, 8th July, 2008 : That Was Not Funny!

    Ayva searched everywhere, she went to the backyard, she circled the whole block and then went back home, dreading what could happen. Then, she heard a door open from upstairs. She didn't dare move.

    'Are those kidnappers? Could they have taken him?' The footsteps were coming down the stairs. They just seemed to come closer and closer, until they stopped, right behind her. She started praying for her life and then, an arm came around her mouth and she screamed into it.

    It instantly let go and Ray started to laugh. She turned around and hit Ray on the shoulder.

    "THAT WAS NOT FUNNY!" she shouted, "Do you have any idea how scared I was?"

    "Yeah, I have an idea," said Ray, still smiling.

    "Where were you? I looked everywhere for you."

    "Well, I got up, ate something and went for a jog around the block. I got back and I presumed you were awake when I didn't see you anywhere, so I went to take a shower. After that, here we are."

    Ayva now realised that he had been in the shower, because he was only wearing his towel. She subdued the urge to rip it off and said, "Go change already, we'll be late."

    Ray started up the stairs. When he got halfway, he turned around and said, "You look great today Ayva." She exhibited the largest grin that had ever appeared on her face...ever.

    7:20, 8th of July, 2008 : It's Time

    Ayva's parents were coming to pick them up. They were going to be there at about 7:30, since there was no particular time that they were supposed to be there. They were going to get there, just before school, for assembly, so that Ray could re-acquaint himself with his teachers afterwards.

    He was nervous, but he knew that he would have to get over it. It was exactly 7:30 when Ayva's parents pulled up the driveway. They motioned for the two to get in the car. As they drove, Ayva's mom, who wasn't at the steering wheel, asked how the previous day had been. They decided to leave out the evening, excusing it for "Fine", but described the rest of it in detail.

    When they got to the gates, an image flashed in his mind. He saw his own serious face on some railing, Mia and Jake sharing the same solemn face. He shook it off and stepped out of the car. Ayva guided him towards the assembly hall. The principal, who Ayva told him was Mr Turner, was making the announcement that all teachers who taught 9th grade classes were to stay in the hall after assembly.

    When assembly was over, Ray stepped out of his row and walked dpwn the steps towards the stage, where the principal was speaking. He was introduced to all his teachers, took down all the numbers of their classes and names and wen back outside, where Ayva's parents were going to drop them off at his place again.

    This time, when he got into the car, he had a flash of a different memory, Ayva half-naked under another boy. This worried him. He pushed the image out of his mind temporarily, deciding that he would ask Ayva about it later.

    7:53, 8th July, 2008 : NOT AGAIN!

    Ayva's parents had already sped off to work and the two of them had already eaten before they left. They started to research their various asignments, which had been given to him again during assembly. Google pulled very little for them, they decided to abandon the Internet and use do it all practically, since they had the time.

    They had to get a butterfly net for their insect project and they needed to get the microscope that Ray's father had ordered for him when semester began. They would be able to get both at the botany shop about 8 blocks down. They decided to bike. They went into his garage to find one of his extra bikes that he outgrew, but they were the perfect size for Ayva.

    When they got there, they padlocked the bikes and entered. Ray went straight to the clerk, who seemed to know him. She betrayed this knowledge by exclaiming, "RAY! I thought you were dead!" then running out from behind the desk and hugging him.

    "I may die of suffocation though," wheezed Ray, who was struggling for breath. She let go and he massaged his injured rib. "My dad told me that there's a mcroscope that should be in for me?"

    "Right, I'll get it for you. I'll also get the butterfly net. Oh, you can't possibly remember me, can you? I was here when your parents started to organise your backyard, some 4 years ago. My name's Anna, pleased to meet you again." They shook hands and Ray made a mental note of her.

    She went into the storeroom to try and find the items. When she came back out, Ray took out his wallet, which had been stocked with the money to pay for the stuff. He handed over the money and she handed him his slip. They started the bike home, microscope in the carry bag that he left on the front of his bike, the net tied to his back. But soon, they noticed that they were being followed by a car.

    When Ray looked back, another flash of memory hit him. The image of Adam James, reported missing yesterday. Even when the memory went away, he could still see his face, behind the wheel of the pursuing car. Ray had a stone in the carry bag, if only he could reach it. As he reached in, something pricked his hand.

    "Ow," said Ray and then took out a single tack. He thought fast and dropped it in the path of the car. It seemed to take an eternity to stop moving, but it did land sharp end up. The car went straight into the tack and it's right wheel burst and it careened out of control. They kept pedalling, all the way back home.

    8:22, 8th of July, 2008 : You're Lying To Me, Aren't You?

    They got to the front lawn, took the microscope and net, dropped the bikes and ran inside. When they did, Ray grabbed Ayva by the shoulder and pinned her against the wall. "Why were you with Adam at your house? I saw you, half-naked, underneath him. What happened?"

    Ayva looked directly into his eyes and with great purpose said, "Nothing." Ray let her go and turned on his heel, pondering his next words. He turned back and opened his mouth to speak, but immediately shut it again.

    He chose his next words very carefully, while the only thing that they could hear was the birds chirping outside. Finally he said, "No. I don't believe you. You're lying to me, aren't you?"

    Ayva walked straight up to him and slapped him. "We had this conversation already. Nothing happened." Ray was massaging his face and looked back into Ayva's eyes, but couldn't see any trace of a lie in them.

    He apologised and proposed that they start their homework. "Most sensible thing you've done or said today," said Ayva, who was obviously starting to feel the weight on her shoulders of trying to help Ray.

    14:53, 8th of July, 2008 : I Did?

    This was about the time that Abby got back every day from school, since she had a half-hour class every day after school to learn French. Ray had been told that he had tried to learn Fench, since his mother had French blood in her, but found that with everything else in his life, he just didn't have the time anymore. Abby was dropped off by her French teacher, who went by the name of Jacques Morris, a French mothered, American fathered man.

    When Ray saw him, he got the strangest feeling from him, as if he didn't like him even before he lost his memory. What seemed to fuel this suspicion was the fact that Abby had a very solemn look on her face, a sad one actually. Ray had noticed that he had been able to pick up on very slight body language ever since the accident, something that he knew he couldn't do before that.

    "So Abby, how was French class?" asked Ray.

    "Trei Bien," answered Abby and they both started laughing. Ray ruffled his siter's hair and led her inside. Ayva was on the phone, ordering pizza for the three of them, since his parents had left the money with a note saying they may.

    Ray was busy leading Abby to her room when she said, "Ray, where's the money you owe me?"

    Ray was totally confused, not remembering ever asking her for money so he asked in turn,"I borrowed money from you? Really? I did?"

    Abby held out her hand and said, "Yep, $50." Ray immeiately knew that Abby could not have had $50 dollars to lend, so he said, "Ok, I'll get the money just now, go downstairs and wait for me, alright."

    Ray went into his room and called his mother. "Mom, has Abby been asking for something that ranges in the price tag of $50?"

    "Yes, why?"

    "Let's just say, I'm really proud of her effort." He hung up the phone grinning to himself, absoluteely amazed at his sister's ability to con. It was cute in a way, but he'd have to get his revenge.


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    14:20, 8th of July, 2008 : Losing it

    As Ray was walking down the stairs, a sudden flush of pain came over him. It was centered in his head and he immediately started to lose consciousness. He knew that, unless someone could find him, he could lose his memory forever and he would never live long enough to assimilate another one. How? He didn't really know, since the doctor had used extremely complicated medical terms that he didn't understand.

    He half-jumped towards the living room, landing spread-eagled, but it had done the job. He smiled faintly when he heard Ayva scream, "RAY! WHAT? NO!" and then she called 911 again and he was rushed off to hospital, where he was in for the worst news of his life.

    15:57, 8th of July, 2008 : I Have What?

    Ray came to and surveyed his surroundings.
    'Back in the hospital? Wonder why...'
    He sat up without a problema and could move all his limbs, which meant he was physically fine. But that wasn't what he was worried about. He walked out of the room a=to find his parents and Abby sitting there.
    "RAY!" shouted his sister, who ran up to him and gave him a hug,"You're OK!"
    Then, the doctor came in. He looked somewhat solemn, but had a smile on his face. "Well Ray, you're perfectly fine...however,"
    'Oh no, a catch.'
    "You have Myalgic Encephalomyelitis."
    Then Ray said,"I have what? I don't understand most medical terms doctor."
    "It's a neuro-disease," he tensed up. He knew what that meant.
    "What does it do?"
    "Well, it can be lethal. You have to stay away from any seriously strenuous activities from now."
    "By lethal, what do you mean?" asked Ray.
    "You will die and there's nothing anyone can do about it if that happens."
    Ray was taken aback, but only mildly surprised. He knew that there was no way that this was going to stop him from killing Adam. Thus, that one single moment, on the 7th of July, was the base for Ray Oldren's Future.

    18:23, 8th of July, 2008 : Now What?

    Ray was contemplating how to find Adam. He would have a tough time doing it manually and a technological search would be hard as well. He had two leads however. First, was his parents. The other was the license plate of the car that ran him over. He had only one way to find that out.

    "083 967 1644. Hope I dialled it right...Ayva, hi! I was wondering if you remember the license plate of Adam's car?"

    "Yeah, it was ADAM NY. Why...Ray, you're not thinking of tracking him down are you? I heard about your condition."

    "My condition won't go away and the person who gave it to me deserves to feel it. Ayva, there's a possibilty that I may not have a future, I'm not letting him have one either." With that, he dropped the phone and went out of the house, without informing his parents, since they wouldn't allow him out.

    He made his way to Adam's house, not aware of what fate had in store for him this time either.

    19:13, 8th of July, 2008 : What Is That?

    Adam James' house. It was an average looking house, 1 floor, beautiful front lawn, green paint on the walls, everything looked normal. But inside, turmoil reigned. Adam's parents had place a missing persons notice in 4 different newspapers and it was announced in the news. Ray felt sorry for them, not really for losing their son, but more for having ther son they had.

    He rang the doorbell and was greeted by Adam's little sister, who had actually introduced the two, back when they were friends. Those days were long gone and he felt pitty for Adam's family. He knew that Michelle, Adam's 11 year old sister, was in a state of depression as well.

    "Oh, hi Ray." She said the words with heavy dissapointment in her voice. Ray took this to mean that she was expecting Adam to show up every time the bell rang or someone knocked on the door.

    "You sound as if you're not happy to see me." Ray was lucky he remembered her at all, since Abby's sleepover yesterdy was here and he was shown her picture. "Missing your brother?"

    Michelle just nodded and held the door for him. He got inside, crouched down and hugged her, saying, "I'll find him, don't worry and I'll tell him how much you miss him, OK?" and she beamed at him. She went to her room on the other side of the house and he went into the kitchen, since he heard the unmistakeable sound of dishes being washed.

    "Hi Mrs James," said Ray as he walked in and saw Adam's mom, who aged at somewhere around 37, but as she turned, she was holding something. Ray couldn't tell what it was.

    "Mrs James? What is that?" When she revealed the .45 Magnum, he slowly backed into the wall.

    "You are the reason that Adam ran away. He told us, you stole Ayva from him, you made fun of him at school, you were the bane of his existence." Ray was thinking really quickly, since anything he said to try and disprove that could end really badly.

    Then, the sound of a gun being shot.

    19:23, 8th of July, 2008 : Why?

    He felt something graze his cheek, but whatever it was came from behind him. He looked slowly to his left and saw the damaged wall.

    'She missed...' When he looked back, she was crying on the floor, the magnum laying beside her. "Mrs James, I-" but before he could finish, she had grabbed the gun, stuck it in her mouth and pulled the trigger. Ray stood still, unmoving as the blood splattered all over his clothes.

    Then Michelle came into the room and said, "What's-" and she was as unmoving as him. The scene was gruesome, blood on the walls and some of her face had been scattered along the floor. All this, and she had left the tap on.

    Michelle's gaze did not stray from the body of her mother as she said,"Why? Why does all of this happen to me?" Then she broke out in tears and ran to her room. Ray looked at her, then back at her mother before shouting,"Michelle, wait up!"

    He ran into Michelle's room and she punched him. It didn't really bother him, but he held her hands down and looked into her eyes, scanning her until she screamed at him,"THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT! YOU WERE THE REASON ADAM RAN AWAY AND WHY MOM SHOT HERSELF! NOW WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?"

    'That's right', Ray though to himself, 'Her parents are divorced.' Ray let her go and started o walk out of the room. he stood in the door and said, without turning, "I suggest that you start to pack, I'm not leaving you here alone."

    About 5 minutes later, she came out of the house, though he didn't expect she would, with her bags and other things. "I've called my mother," said Ray, "and she's fine with you staying for as long as you want. She says that it'll do you and Abby some good." She nodded again and he took her bags. They started walking to his house, the cold night beating against their faces, to see what more life could possibly do to them.

    20:00, 8th of July, 2008 : Chapter 22

    When Ray knocked on the door, his mother opened the door with such force, that she almost ripped it off it's hinges. She took one look at Ray and started to fume.

    "Young man, where have you been? We were worried sick about you. I mean, no note, your condition-"

    "My condition doesn't mean I can't have a life mom." he said these words with conviction, forcing his mother to understand what he meant. His mother studied him again and calmed down.

    "Ok, well, we need to get those clothes clean, Lord knows how you got blood on them if it's not yours and-" she stopped after seeing Michelle,"What did happen wherever you went tonight?"

    Ray recounted the entire story to her, of how Mrs James shot herself, how Mrs James accused him of being the reason adam left and how Michelle now needs a home.

    "Well dear," said his mother, addressing Michelle,"You can stay here for as long as you like, Abby will like that. But where to put you, the guest room perhaps?"

    It was decided that Ray was to share a room with her, mostly to keep her safe. They set up the extra matress for him and he was actally quite comfortable. His sheets that he used beforhand had been changed. They had been replaced by Michelle's own Pink and White ones. Everyone wished each other good night and went to sleep.

    9:00, 9th of July, 2008 : Chapter 3, Preparation

    He'd not had much sleep. The same image appeared over and over again, the wall, the gun, Mrs James. He did wake up at about four in the morning. He tried everything to keep himself from going back to sleep. But to no avail. He had worse dreams as the night went on, and eventually, it was Ayva with the gun, then Michelle, then Abby, everyone he loved, dying.

    'bzz bzz bzz bzz'

    He'd slept in. School...wait, he wasn't going to school. Then what woke him up? The door downstairs opened and he immediately opened his eyes. he was on full alert and jumped out of his matress and crept out of the room. He grabbed the broom that his mother kept in the closet across te hall and crept downstairs.

    'tuk tuk tuk tuk'

    'Heels?' He did not let down his guard, even though it was a girl. The footsteps were coming closer as he edged down the stairs. They were right next to him. He jumped up and raised the broom to strike, but held it.

    "...Ayva?" That was right, she was coming over.

    "Geez Ray, try and kill me while I'm trying to help you out." They kissed and Ayva said, "Wow, neuro-condition or not, you're still great at that. Heard about what happened last night, are you OK?"

    He felt the cut left by the piece of wall, "Yeah, I'm alright. Can't say the same for Mrs James though. I swear she had lost it before I was run over." They didn't say much afterwards, they were really focused on their homework, since their's was to be handed in a week before the rest of the class, due to their "Extra Time". Ray felt really comfortable around Ayva and they managed to finish their essays on themselves before lunch. Ray decided that he'd tell Ayva all his plans then.

    12:45, 9th of July, 2008 : Are You With Me?

    They had eaten a meal of spaghetti bolognaise a la Ray. Well, he hoped it was delicious. He had found the recipe in his room and couldn't remember what it tasted like, or if other people liked it. Ayva said it was the first time she had tasted it too. " is it?" he asked worriedly.

    Ayva decided to tease him, taking another bite, even though her mouth was full. She seemed to be moving it in her mouth, trying to get all the taste possible out of the food. "Well, Chef Oldrens," she said, as she swallowed, "I regret to inform you that this food won't last long around me." She smiled at him and continued, "You're cooking diner too, right?"

    Ray thought for a moment and said, "Yeah, I will if I find a recipe to try out again. But, off the topic, I wanted to ask you something," Ayva looked up as she chewed. 'She's so cute when she eats like that,' thought Ray. He continued on, "You know that I've already decided to find Adam, don't you?"

    Ayva looked down at her plate and nodded. Ray took this as the signal to continue, "Are you with me, or not?" Ayva looked up at him despairingly, swallowed her food and stood up from her chair.

    "Ray, I want to, I really want to...but my parents Ray. I don't want my mother to end up like Mrs James because her child ran away. I'm sorry."

    Ray was not expecting this at all. He thought Ayva would be with him all the way, but not everything could go his way. It wasn't meant to happen. He started to contemplate the journey without Ayva. It might be too much to bear. It would be - "Ray?"

    Ayva had brought him back to the present. He nodded vigorously and said, "It's OK. I understand. Um, done with your food? I'll take it to the sink and put them in the dishwasher if you are."

    Ayva did know that she disappointed him and handed him her plate while avoiding his eyes. He walked off solemnly to the sink.

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    13:03, 9th of July, 2008 : Part 25


    Ayva couldn't bear his eyes on her, it was like having a drill inside you, but worse. Ray had the innate ability to make you feel as if he could see right through your clothes, then through your skin and even into your brain. The intensity he emanated when he looked at you was enough to break most people down. Ayva took her seat on the sofa in the lounge to try and continue their work, but put down the pen and buried her face in her hands.

    She didn't like, no, she hated doing this to him, especially with the way she felt about him. When she heard him walking back into the lounge, she propped her head up and looked at the doorway. He saw her looking and excused himself to go to the bathroom.

    Ava really felt abandoned, left alone by the one that she loved. She made up her mind, she was going.

    13:09, 9th of July, 2008 : Part 26

    Ray was walking down the stairs as slowly as he could, determined not to have to look at Ayva if it was naturally possible. He took the last step and turned into the living room. Ayva turned to look at him and they stared each other down, both waiting for the other to say something. Ray seemed to not want the silence to go on much longer, so he said, "I'm sorry about being so immature about this. I guess that I was relying on other people to always be there. You brought me back ro reality, thanks."

    Ayva looked at him with an unreadable expression. It was happy, yet sad. It was sorry, yet, not really. She decided that now was a good a tie as any to come out with it. "Ray, I've decided that I'm coming with you. When do we leave?"

    Ray frowned at this change of heart, since he did realise the sense in her previous decision. "Ayva, I want you to OK this with your parents, I'm not going to allow you to come if they say no."

    Ayva shook her head and said, "I don't care.I'm coming with you."

    Ray appreciated the notion of sincerity, but said, "You have to realise that I have nothing to go by in finding Adam. Are you sure you still want to come with me?" Ayva nodded her head and he said, "Thanks. We plan tomorrow, we leave on the 11th. Is that OK with you?"

    14:10, 9th of July, 2008 : I Understand Michelle

    Ayva had left already. She said that she was going to start on her packing, since she wouldn't have the time on the 11th. But that wasn't on Ray's mind at the moment. He wanted to see how it would be to have two little sisters. He was about to get his chance, his mom was in the driveway with Michelle and Abby. This was going to be a strange day, even by Ray's standards.

    First, it started when the two of them were doing their homework, Michelle was drawing on herself? Ray was quick and grabbed the pen away from her wrist. "Michelle, what are you doing?!" He sounded shocked and had a right to be, since Michelle was not one to resort to suicide that quickly.

    She walked out of the room, but he soon had no choice but to lock her in his room with him, where he could keep an eye on her. Besides, he had his own assignments to do. But after about 20 minutes, she had almost hung herself, twice, in about 1 minute. He started to get really angry, but, more than anything, he was disappointed.

    He started to tell her off, voicing his opinions on how disappointed he was in her. She took it strangely, not making any movements. He bent down so as to speak to her at eye level. She was crying. Then, she did something really unexpected. She kissed him on the lips. Then, everything made sense, it wasn't her sadness in her family's problems, it was because she didn't know about Ayva. Michelle had had a crush on him.

    He didn't wipe his lip, he didn't do anything to say he hadn't enjoyed it, because he still didn't know if he actually did or not. It was all to weird. Michelle's hands were over her mouth. "I'm so sorry, I-I-I," but Ray only smiled and hugged her.

    "I understand Michelle, I understand," and she broke out in tears in his arms.

    14:23, 9th of July, 2008 : Thinking Things Through

    It wasn't a good time for Abby to walk in, but she did anyway.

    "Hey guys...what happened?"

    He didn't know what Michelle wanted her to know, so he threw a pillow at her and said, "Go away Abby, this is none of your business." Abby looked scandalised, but obeyed.

    Michelle broke out of his arms and said, "She will spread rumours now. Why didn't you just make an excuse?"

    Ray was amused at her apprehension and said, "She knows where the line is. Besides, she only lies about stuff she doesn't know about or can't figure out herself. She's too smart to actually not know what just happened."

    Michelle seemed to take comfort in his words. She walked out of the room, but stopped at the doorway and popped her head back in. "It's Ayva."

    Ray snapped back, he had forgotten that Ayva was to be there today, since it was a public holiday and they thought that it wouldn't be wise to carry on working anyway. They had exhausted themselves to the point of insanity. But they had to talk. It was time to start thinking things through, they needed to formulate a plan.

    And that's everything I have on Neo.

    So much Copy and Pasting...

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