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    Post by Christina on Mon Dec 01, 2008 10:51 pm

    I didnt' think these counted as stories so I thought I'd put them here:


    Patience. The virtue everyone wants to have but no one can wait to acheive. But in the end it isn't worth it. She stands, waiting for the love of her life to show himself or waiting for the perfect opportunity but those don't exist. The life drains from inside her as she waits season to season, not acting but merely waiting. She waits as life passes her by, as each and every person in her life moves on. Frailty befalls her and then death, as the patience she sought to have causes her to lose everything.


    A feeling.
    A shiver down the spine as he walks by.
    You both feel it and wonder why.
    You date and break up but the shiver doesn't die.
    It stands still in time.

    Then he returns to you like times of old.
    His breath warms the places which the heart has made cold.
    And he takes you in his arms and you feel whole.
    To recapture the heart he stole.

    Try to shove them aside but the feelings don't subside.
    And from her these feelings do not hide.
    So she leaves and he returns back to your side.
    A loving kiss that binds.

    Forever and Always, True Love

    That's all I have so far, I'll post more later Wink

    ~Passion. It lies in all of us. Sleeping...waiting...and though will it's jaws, and howl. It speaks to us...guides us. Passion rules us all. And we obey. What other choice do we have?~

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